Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Two sailors drown after boat capsizes off the coast of Spain’s Andalucia

TWO sailors have died after their boat capsized off the coast of Andalucia.

Hooked on Barbate the world’s tuna capital

In an unsuspecting little town in Andalucia a Phoenician fishing technique is keeping the Japanese sushi market afloat

NET-MARE: Spanish fishing vessels ‘show total disregard’ for Gibraltar territorial waters

FURIOUS Gibraltarians are demanding stronger action as Spanish fishing boats continue to abuse the Rock’s territorial waters on ‘a daily’ basis. An investigation by the...

Caleta de Velez fishing harbour closed due to ‘red tide’

An influx of toxic organisms has forced the closure of Malaga’s biggest fishing harbour

Spain’s first canine lifeguard hits Murcia beaches

Bruno the Newfoundland can haul more than a ton in the water

Spanish fishermen in Gibraltar close to netting deal with local authorities

Two hour meeting was ‘constructive’ insists Chief Minister Picardo

Spanish fishermen in Gibraltar close to netting deal

Chief Minister Fabian Picardo insists the two-hour meeting was 'constructive'

Spanish armada thwarted

Row erupts after Gibraltar asserts its rights to keep fishermen out of its waters

Fishermen in Spain could be paid to catch plastic

Move is part of a groundbreaking EU initiative to tackle plastic pollution, as well as give fishermen an alternative source of income

Fishermen unite to protect tradition

Ancient technique endangered by new fishing quotas

Dolphin beach tragedy

Fishermen blamed for dead dolphin, fish and birds