25 Aug, 2023 @ 19:30
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Algeciras Mayor asks the Spanish Government to ‘take a stand’ on Gibraltar’s ‘harassment’ against La Linea fishing boats

ALGECIRAS Mayor has once again spoken about the latest fishing controversy between Spain and Gibraltar and has asked the Spanish Government to ‘take a stand.’ 

Conservative Jose Ignacio Landaluce has shown his disappointment over the lack of an official statement from Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the ‘harassment’ La Linea fishermen are suffering.
“It’s about time the Foreign Minister takes a stand on the issue. A lot of days have gone by, there have been lots of events and developments and nobody here is protesting to the EU,” the Mayor said. 

Landaluce insists that the Gibraltarian authorities are going after the Spanish boats, which are fishing in Spain’s waters. 

“The authorities of Gibraltar are harassing the small fishermen boats, threatening them by claiming they are in British waters, but this is false, those waters are Spanish,” he said. 

Landaluce explains, however, that his aim is for all La Linea and Gibraltar residents ‘to have a peaceful coexistence.’

The Spanish Government has not yet released a statement on the current issue. 

However, Andalucia’s Junta has shown their support to the fishermen after Carmen Crespo, the institution’s Councillor for Agriculture and Fishing, asked Gibraltar’s Government yesterday to ‘stop the harassment immediately’. 

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