EXCLUSIVE by Rund Abdelfatah

ANGRY residents of a once quiet residential zone are demanding action over a Marbella nightclub, which stays open till 7am.

The British homeowners – many who have lived there for decades – are furious that police have not acted over the noise issue created by fashionable club The Funky Buddha.

“We have called the police so many times, but nothing gets done,” explained Paula Hymanson, 53, who is now spearheading a petition against the club.

“Half the time they turn up with megaphones and spend an hour directing traffic. It actually makes the situation worse.

“The problem isn’t the noise alone but what accompanies it: swarms of people running through the streets into the morning, vandalism, and unbelievable traffic,” added Hymanson, a massage therapist, who moved from the UK 20 years ago.

“These people are screaming and breaking glass and generally make nuisance of themselves until the early hours.”

Neighbour Michael Brooker added that the situation had become a ‘complete nightmare’.

“People are frightened to park their cars along the street or go outside in the evenings,” he said. “It is totally inappropriate for a residential area.”

The residents have so far got hundreds of names on the petition against the club in Camino de la Cruz. It is now in the hands of lawyers.

The club, which opens at midnight, was only recently granted a licence to operate legally.

Neighbours insist this means it was running illegally for two years.

“We can’t understand how they were able to get away with it,” added another neighbour Jackie, who asked not to give her surname.

The Funky Buddha, which has a sister club in the UK, was unavailable for comment when contacted by the Olive Press.

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  1. I am not British and I am complaining.
    You should come to Mojácar and see the crowds who come to destroy everything thanks to Mandala, Maui etc.
    Police are trying to stop drinking in the streets, but if these discos dont get closed, the nightmare will continue.

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