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iTalk trouble for expat radio station in Spain

Maurice Boland launches new station italk e

EXCLUSIVE by Eloise Horsfield

A HUGE row has blown up at DJ Maurice Boland’s radio station iTALK after three key presenters left the station.

The presenters Richie Allen, Barry Mitchell and Mathew Court – all part of the original team when the station launched in November – have fallen out with Irish media mogul Boland.

One of them, Mitchell, has now launched an attack on Boland on a Facebook page claiming: “He owes Allen and myself – and most of his staff – a considerable amount in unpaid wages.”

Allen, former presenter of The 5 o’clock show, confirmed he is now launching legal action against his former boss.

Friends explained he has quit the station over ‘a money dispute’.

“He threatened to leave in May and has since received about €1,700 in expenses,” said the source.

Boland, however, insisted last night the departures had nothing to do with money and that Allen had been sacked ‘over a private matter’.

“It is internal business and it was the same reason he was sacked from TRE radio station,” he said.

He added that former breakfast presenter Court had left of his own accord and that Mitchell was unable to present a show due to technical reasons.

“Whatever money he is owed he has been paid,” he said.

Boland – who was sacked from his former job as station manager of TRE – was backed up by current staff.

One presenter Pippa Jones posted on Facebook: “Within hours of being sacked Allen came in and picked up his wages which had been left in an envelope. I saw it with my own eyes.”

James Bryce

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  1. Gary, it’s simple, The Olive Press are obviously quite heavily in bed with TRE and it wouldn’t be a surprise if money has even changed hands. Don’t believe me, just look on the homepage “Olive Press on Talk Radio Europe – Issue 141”.

    Here’s another question, why wasn’t Richies firing from TRE not reported in the same way? hmm I guess we know the answer.

    If this was the UK there would be serious questions to ask about this type of libel and harrasment, but here this rag can just get away with it with no comeback.

    So sick of this obvious campaign of hate that is completely biased.

    Would be very surprised if this was included, but if it is then let your readers make up their own minds.

  2. Well olive press your about a week too late all the above information and more has been posted on FACEBOOK PAGE talk radio europe unofficial comments and remarks from barry , richie and pippa.

  3. It seems to me that this newspaper is biased, they don’t report the news without prejudice, and the stories they print are utter rubbish. Olive Press get a real reporter to report REAL news.

  4. the olive press i do not know how much TRE are paying you or how much YOU are paying them one minute you are saying how well Maurice is doing and the next you slag him off with out the all the facts all that you have printed is old news and not all of it is the truth you pride your selfs as the true press well first get the truth and then print speck to all partys and not just get your info of FB pages that is lazey work i bet MR G ceo of Carcrach radio is smilling to night

  5. The truth is that ex pat radio in Spain is what it is, people who run these stations to my knowledge have no proper background in the industry! most are on ego trips and as a previous poster pointed out would have no hope of getting on local UK radio! I cant think of ANY Costa Presenter who has ever done anything BIG in UK?? never been to a place where a waiter can suddenly end up having a radio show, really shocking at times, the above shows a complete lack of training from all parties!

  6. Ha…1-. all the presenters are failed entertainers that head for the costa, then end up failed kareoke presenters …that then end up on a 2bit local radio station …..that then goes tits up , and OH… they fail again …and 2-. the people slagging off the olive press …..well why do you read it !? DUH.

  7. I have been working in the press industry for 12 years on the CDs now and in my opinion the Olive Press is a very good read and is not afraid of upsetting anybody out here in Spain.

    If you read the story correctly they are not “slagging” anybody off they have printed both sides of the story and you can make your own mind up who you believe. I have spoken to the said presenters and I know who I believe.

    Well don the OP keep up the good reporting!!!!

  8. You are right Gary but I have to point out that you never spoke to me and I am one of the “said” presenters!
    Just to keep ALL sides of the story on track.

  9. Gary,
    I see you say you’ve being working in the press industry for 12 years and say you’ve actually talked to two of the three presenters mentioned in the article, well we know now that one of them is NOT Barry Mitchell so we should assume then it’s Richie Allen and Matthew Court and as a man who’s been working with the press for so many years one might assume through your research that you found out that both these gentleman were also FIRED from TRE and as a press man for so many years I assume you too came to the same conclusion as everyone else???

  10. I hope you don’t mind me asking a question here. Is everyone aware that the money from Fire Aid Concert was all spent on replenishing Red Cross medical supplies? Does anyone remember Maurice Boland declaring this was where the money was to be spent? My concern is that his own publicity, still on his concert website says the money was going to “help those who lost their homes and possessions”, but this is not what happened. I do not mean cash I mean to help the people he promised to help. Red Cross tell me that Maurice Boland went to meetings after the concert and was instrumental in the decision as to where the money was spent and was provided with a report over 4 weeks ago with all the details. Maurice promised to publish these details but why after 4 weeks has he not? I put this question to him yesterday on his italkfm facebook page but he decided to censor and delete my question rather than answer, why? Now I hear that he is being presented with a special award by the Red Cross in recognition of his contribution which personally I think is outrageous as the people he promised to help have received none whatsoever. Am I alone here in thinking this is not right?

  11. jake goode you are so right in what you say ,yes there are others out there me for one.One I believe that had a community page that allegedly got shut down by him for speaking out against this man.
    perhaps the olive press should do the article?
    To return to the subject at hand why did the money not go to those that the Charity said it was going to , why is maurice boland getting an award from the red cross for services rendered and not the whole team?

  12. Interesting article and interesting coments. Seems that Mr Boland hasnt had a good time of things of late, pity. Well, once the new radio station goes live later this year (Summer 2013) if Mr boland Would like to talk with us then maybe we can find him a job as say, a weekday overnight or sunday morning presenter. Best of luck for 2013

  13. maybe it’s not. But the fact he is pretending he is still at the Kempinski when in reality the studios are all locked up and no one there is very funny. italk online only and lost it’s FM frequency. He’s now deceiving the public and his advertisers.

  14. Spoke to one of your staff who had a private bad run-in with David Klein at Tre . He comes across as a very bitter, aggressive and shameless man. I am loyal listener and friend to italkfm. This is a united radio and recent comments are not viable.

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