MANY expats move to Spain for a more peaceful lifestyle with landscape a key consideration.

Andalucia, you would think, could provide all these things and more with its rolling countryside.

But as noted in our story about the new recycling plant project planned in Coin, it seems town halls are not satisfied unless they are ripping up one of the region’s biggest assets.

And while the term ‘non-urbanisable’ should provide an escape from Britain’s ‘build on every free space’ mentality, unfortunately this has been abused in the pursuit of a quick buck, with developers snapping up all available space including land classified as rural.

You would think planning officials would have learnt their lesson by now and stick to the already ruined brownfield sites.

The longer this unchecked development goes on, the less appealing Andalucia becomes to tourists…its very lifeblood.

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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I got the impression while there this summer that part of Spain’s financial crisis is very similar to the US. Massive over-development for one thing, along with Wall Street, of course. Regardless – Spain does so well recycling. Andalucia is just overwhelming beautiful. I hope a happy medium can be found.

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