COULD Andalucia’s most controversial attraction be the next casualty of Spain’s imminent IVA (VAT) increase?

From September 1, IVA on bullfighting is to increase from 8% to 21% in a move that is expected to net the Treasury €8 million more per year.

The sector is already suffering – with Andalucia hosting 27 fewer fights in the first six months of 2012 than in the same period last year.

San Sebastian has just announced it will not host any more fights from 2013, with its mayor saying the bullring cannot be maintained at the public’s expense ‘for just seven bullfights a year’.

“We deeply regret the government’s decision to increase VAT on bullfights,” said a spokesman for Spain’s bullfighting union Mesa del Toro.

“It is a hard blow to bullfighting.”

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  1. When I see a bullfight I expect so get my money’s worth. So, if they are going to raise the tax 13% then I expect to see 13% more violence and torture. They need to stab the bull at least one extra time for every 5% increase, so we should see at least 2.5 extra bull stabbings.

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