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Beauties and the beasts: A look at some of Spain’s female bullfighters

By Livia Cockerell AN exclusive Olive Press interview with Miriam Cabas, a 20-year-old veterinary student from the small town of Los Barrios across the bay...

BULLS OFF THE MENU: Spain’s €400 ‘culture vulture’ voucher for 18-year-olds will exclude bullfights

A ROW has broken out after it was revealed a €400 ‘gift voucher’ birthday present to 18-year-olds to spend on ‘cultural’ activities will not...

Matador banned from twitter for promoting ‘sadistic pleasure’ after posting bullfight video

An account promoting a Spanish matador has been banned from Twitter after posting videos of his latest bullfight. Footage of Jose Antonio Morante de la...

Bullfighters in Spain want August restart for blood sport after coronavirus shutdown

SPAIN’S bullfighters are set to return to the ring in August – provided they can get the official go ahead. Some of the biggest names...

WATCH: American gored in neck and teen bruises spine as annual San Fermin bull run begins in Spain’s Pamplona

Each day six bulls and accompanying steers are released, before the animals take on matadors in public fights in the afternoon

PACMA slam Spain’s government for awarding €30,000 to Andalucia’s bullfighter known as ‘the Pirate’

Padilla nearly lost his life in the bullring in 2011 when a bull ripped his eye out after the animal mauled him on the ground

WATCH: One-eyed matador in Spain scalped during brutal bullfight (WARNING: Distressing footage)

Despite the gruesome attack the matador is set to to perform one last bullfight

British expats protest ‘cruel’ bullfight in Malaga after learning it was funded by their taxes

The protest was organised alongside a 1,300-strong petition

Disused bullring on Costa del Sol set to play host to bullfight this summer

ESTEPONA bullring, which has been disused since August 2016, is set to be back in business this summer. The structure, dating back from 1972, is...

Europe refuses to subsidise bullfighting

EU parliament votes overwhelmingly against sector funding

From bullfighting to Kung Fu fighting

When matadors fight back… and, no, not against the bulls

VIDEO: Activist may be fined €6,000 for jumping into ring to comfort dying bull

The activist will pay a fine of up to €6,000 for trespass

Two Spaniards gored to death by bulls

The men died in two separate incidents on the fiesta of San Juan

Bullfighting protest on Estepona’s paseo maritimo

Two activists staged a peaceful protest in reaction to the installation of a stuffed bull on Estepona's paseo maritimo

Bullfighter still fighting despite gored testicle

A bull stabbed Marco Galan in the groin which led to an ‘eviscerated testicle’ and profuse bleeding

Charlie Sheen spotted ‘winning’ in Pamplona

The American television star took his porn star girlfriend on the worst date imaginable... a bull fight!

Bullfighting is back on Spanish TV

Watch the latest death match from the comfort of your own home

I’m taking the bull by the horns, insists British bullfighter

EXCLUSIVE: Trained by the ‘Pirate’ Padilla, British matador Alexander Fiske-Harrison argues that as the ‘national fiesta’ returns to Spanish TV, bullfighting is more popular than ever… and we Anglo-Saxons are big hypocrites to oppose it

Spanish bullfights to suffer from IVA increase

The controversial tradition may be the next to go amid continued tax increases

Spanish bullfighting is off the box

State broadcaster RTVE will stop showing bullfights




Supermarket chain in Spain introduces bags containing deformed fruit and vegetables to comply with food waste law

LIDL supermarkets in Spain are introducing an 'anti-waste' bag containing misshaped fruit and vegetables that are perfectly fine to eat. Priced at €3, the bag...


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