Ruiz comforts the bull
Ruiz comforts the bull

AN animal rights activist leapt into the Malaga bullring to comfort a dying bull on Friday.

And is set to pay a hefty price of up to €6,000 for doing so.

Virginia Ruiz, 38, draped herself across the bull to shield him from officials before she was hauled away.

The visitor attended the free-admission fight at the 9,000 spectator capacity Malagueta alone with the intention of filming the fight.

And when Ruiz impulsively jumped into the ring the crowd was in uproar, crying ‘fuera!’ (‘Get out’).

“The crowd kicked me, they spat on me, they told me to go back to the kitchen and called me a whore,” she said.

After being escorted out of the venue, Ruiz was given a caution for trespass and will pay a fine.

Ruiz has been an anti-bullfighting campaigner for seven years.

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  1. Red. OP did not say “The activist will pay a fine of up to €6,000 for trespass”.
    OP said. “Activist may be fined €6,000”, plus, “And is set to pay a hefty price of up to €6,000”. Slight difference to your posting don’t you think, besides she may just get a caution if and when it goes to court and know doubt she will be in front of a Judge much quicker then pending corrupt cases that have dragged on for years.

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