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Ukrainian refugee zoo animals find homes in exotic rescue centre in Spain’s Alicante

A menagerie of animals including lions, tigers and caracals, arrived at a rescue centre in Alicante on Thursday after a nine-day odyssey from wartorn...

Malaga man left pet dog untreated for years with six-kilo tumour

A MALAGA dog owner left his neglected pet struggling with a huge painful tumour rather than taking it to the vet. Nature Protection Group (Gruprona)...

Stray pets saved from perishing thanks to new council strategy on Spain’s Costa Blanca

OVER six months in one Costa Blanca municipality, a score of abandoned animals have been saved from termination thanks to a new policy from...

EXCLUSIVE: Spain green group demands answers after rabbit decapitated and animals abused in THIS Costa del Sol park

Expats were quick to branded the unknown perpetrators as ‘pure evil’

If you can’t stand the heat you can always take inspiration from the animal kingdom … or not, writes...

Luckily we humans can cool off at the turn of a shower tap but storks and vultures have a yuckier way to stave off the August heat...

‘SHE DIED IN 15 MINUTES’: Expat’s puppy in Spain had ‘seizures’ after drinking at famous lake in 4th fatal...

The Guardia Civil’s SEPRONA division are now taking water samples at the site and autopsies are set to be carried out later today

THANKS ELTON: Tributes for Spanish police dog who retires after decade solving murders and disappearances

When the Spanish police took him on over 10 years ago, he was the only dog of his kind in the force

WATCH: Elephants playing in the rain in Spain will be the cutest thing you see today

AS many take shelter to escape the storms and heavy rain engulfing Spain today, this herd of elephants has a different idea. Instead of ducking...

MONKEYING AROUND: All you need to know about Gibraltar’s mischievous macaques

The macaques have been residents since the 12th century as they are depicted in paintings of the period

Fighting cocks seized after Mallorquin drug trafficking arrests

AN investigation is underway into animal cruelty in Son Banya after 36 fighting cocks were seized. The animals were discovered during separate police raids into...

New Lynx observatory opened in Andalucia

A NEW lynx observatory at the Doñana Natural park has been officially opened by Junta president Susana Diaz. Diaz said the observatory will help ‘spread...

Malaga politicians seek harsher sentences for animal cruelty

Partido Popular MPs Avelino Barrionuevo and Joaquín Ramírez are to start the process of having the changes enshrined in law

Charges revealed for members of Triple A animal shelter

UPDATE: Charges include trafficking, cruelty and fraud

OPINION: Moment of change for animal welfare

It's time to take a closer look at the state of animal rights and cruelty across Spain

VIDEO: Activist may be fined €6,000 for jumping into ring to comfort dying bull

The activist will pay a fine of up to €6,000 for trespass

Animal rights group fighting against closure of Mijas shelter

The Andalucian government is threatening to close a shelter in Mijas that homes 250 animals

Iberian lynx cubs born outside Andalucia for first time in decades

The births of two Iberian lynx cubs in Badajoz is being hailed as a ‘breakthrough’ moment

New Ronda animal sanctuary aims to tackle cause of animal abuse

The owners are putting on workshops for children and adults alike

Pet abandoned every three minutes in Spain

New study reveals Spain is the worst in Europe for domestic pet abandonment

Expat arrested for freeing abused dog near Alora

The animal-lover has slammed Guardia Civil for over-reacting after she was caught ‘liberating’ a starving dog

PETA urges Spain to launch running of the ‘ball’ festival

The animal charity is taking inspiration from Mataelpino in Madrid

Dolphin rescue in Casares

Dramatic effort sees team of expats save animal from certain death

A pawsome tale

Lucky dog narrowly escapes death to be re-homed by loving owners

Cancer patient calls for foster carers for Axarquia-based animal rescue

Alcaucin breast cancer patient seeks help for abandoned cats and dogs

Lioness found living in Spanish urbanisation

The nine month old lioness was being kept as a pet

Animal charity pleads for help to save 38 dogs from being put down

The animals were found living alongside the rotting corpses of eight dogs after the owners were evicted





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