SPAIN has the worst record for pet abandonment in Europe, with a domestic animal thrown out on the streets every three minutes, on average.

In total 150,000 pets are abandoned each year in Spain, according to animal rights group Observatorio de la Fundacion Affinity.

Unexpected litters account for a massive 19% of the country’s abandoned pets, while 15% of cases relate to families struggling with money.

Things get worse in the summer as families struggle to plan a trip away with their animal, and so leave them behind.

The study reveals 10% of abandonments are because of a loss of interest in the animal, while 8% is attributed to behavioural problems.

The good news however is that due to the continual work of animal adoption centres and charities,  half of all abandoned animals end up being adopted.

Though that still leaves 75,000 animals on the street each year.

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  1. A ‘certain element’ do treat animals badly.

    More and more of the youth in Spain are totally against this.

    In the UK ‘According to a new survey, as many as 500,000 pets are in crisis’
    Animals need help everywhere.

    Just before the solely anti-Spanish attacks come by the usual gang on here.

  2. So true what you say. It is not about being Spanish it is about being cruel to animals and alas the Spanish are good at that. I have watched it for years. Too many years in fact and it hasnt improved over time, if anything it has got worse.

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