THIS is the astonishing moment a herd of wild boars interrupted games of beach volleyball in Marbella Wednesday evening.

Visitors to Playa del Cable looked on in amazement as the wild animals moved through their volleyball courts with purpose.

A source told the Olive Press, “Everyone found it funny and was laughing at them. I heard two girls talking about how cute they were.”

Showing they are a herd animal, the boars adorably stopped every so often to stay close together.

They manoeuvred their way down the beachfront towards the port.

Boars are native to Spain but are found on every continent except Antarctica, as many environments are suitable for them.

They live in forests, grasslands, wetlands, and even venture onto beaches!

However, wild boars are quite dangerous.

Not only are they very aggressive, but they are likely to carry diseases such as tuberculosis, hepatitis E, and influenza A.

As the sightings of boars are happening more often in public spaces, the Junta has introduced exceptional measures to control the wild boar population and curb their intrusion into these urban areas.


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