Horses run through fire in Madrid
Horses run through fire in Madrid

THERE are so many issues that fall under the animal welfare umbrella.

But we felt it was time to take a closer look at the state of animal rights and cruelty across Spain as it truly feels like 2016 could be a crucial year for a change in attitudes.

Either way, expats have been leading from the front for decades, taking in abandoned dogs and cats and campaigning to stop cruelty.

It is encouraging to see that the locals are finally also standing up in their numbers to be counted.

As to the ever-thorny subject of bullfighting, we do not want to tell our readers how to think, rather pose a question for you to answer yourself.

As writer Lenox Napier argues it has a deep and historical cultural significance here and at least a quarter of our readers do not support an outright ban.

However, when it comes to inhumane acts of unnecessary animal cruelty, devoid of any notion of culture or art, we say it’s definitely time to stop.

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