OVER six months in one Costa Blanca municipality, a score of abandoned animals have been saved from termination thanks to a new policy from local authorities.

San Fulgencio City Council has encouraged adoption of stray animals since July of last year.

Thirteen of the 20 animals collected have been adopted or reclaimed by their owners.

Foto 1  Gatos Ferales San Fulgencio
SAVED: Two of the San Fulgencio cats saved from termination

They have a ‘zero sacrifice’ policy, meaning full information of stray animals is taken, in addition to administering veterinary care and micro-chipping.

Ana Ma Villena from the Department of Animal Welfare said: “There are only two cats of those collected available to adopt.”

Potential owners should contact the council through their social networks or by calling 618367119.

The consistory promotes responsible pet ownership, reinforced with mandatory registration for dogs, cats and exotic animals.

Villena stated, “[it] makes it much easier for any pet to be returned quickly to its owner in case it gets lost, and it also greatly reduces the dropout figures.”

Currently, the city has 1,775 registered pets, more than 200 more than last year’s figure of 1,560. 

The department has also developed a census of feral cats colonies in the area.

A separate area run by volunteers has also been designated to avoid inconvenience to local people.

The councillor summed up: “The commitment to animal welfare is complete … San Fulgencio has always been a very animalistic municipality and committed to the welfare of the animals.”

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