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CARING: The sanctuary aims to change people’s attitude towards animals

A GROUND-breaking new animal sanctuary in Ronda is not just tackling cruelty and neglect, but also their causes. 

Asociacion Rondena Proteccion  Animales (ARPA) aims to fight the underlying problem of why animals are mistreated in the first place by running a full programme of educational activities for groups of children and adults alike.

Owners Aurelio Ottolenghi and Irene Orozco Careras have been rescuing abandoned animals for decades, vaccinating and micro-chipping them before finding them loving homes.

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Irene explained: “Today it is impossible to rescue all the animals that need rescuing and find them families – and that’s totally disheartening!

“Therefore it is our responsibility to change the situation, and it’s going to take an awful lot of work.”

ARPA has developed an educational programme, called Human-Animal Symbiosis, which aims to change the way people think about animals.

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They are also planning to introduce various activities, such as animal-assisted therapies, a farm school, canine psychology, and a dog park, that will generate a small income to help the running costs of the sanctuary.

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