A 21-YEAR-OLD Moroccan national was killed on Saturday by a bull during local fiestas in the municipality of Cedillo del Condado, in Toledo province. The man, identified by Spanish daily ABC as Mohamed, reportedly participated in the bullrun after spending all night out partying. 

Before the tragic accident took place, the youngster had already been warned several times by the police to leave the bullring in the town of 4,000 inhabitants, given that he was wearing flip-flops. 

He was also told on two occasions not to take part in the bullring given his condition and his footwear. 

However, he took no notice of the authorities and was eventually gored to death by the animal at around 12.30pm. 

The festivities had begun at 11am but ran over time after the bull failed to enter its pen. 

According to ABC, the authorities were working on Saturday to locate any friends or relatives of the victim, who may have come from the Basque Country. 

“No one really knew where he lived, because he would tell some colleagues one story, and others a different one,” police sources told the newspaper.

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