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Bullfighting protest on Estepona’s paseo maritimo

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Toro DisecadoALONGSIDE sun worshippers and holidaymakers, an anti-bullfighting protest was held on the paseo maritimo in Estepona.

Two activists staged a peaceful protest in reaction to the installation of a stuffed bull and the instruments used to kill the animal on the beachfront parade.

The exhibition owner alerted the police who arrived but allowed the protest to continue because of the right to protest in public place.

The Marbella anti-bullfighting association (Colectivo Antitaurino Marbella) intends to continue to protest in the coming days.

“The fact that bullfighting is funded in this country is shameful and we will not stop protesting until this cruel and bloody practice is abolished,” said a spokesman.

Iona Napier

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  1. I couldn’t be in more agreement with these protesters, as a Spanish national I am ashamed and saddened that these cruel traditions continue to exist. How can torturing an innocent animal be considered art or even a sport… Simply disgraceful. I encouraged people to give their opinion on this so that we can end this awful exhibition of cruelty. Dont we live in the 21st Century? We shouldnt be acting like cannibals…
    Come on Spain, keep up with the rest of the World and start showing some hummanity.

  2. Thank you for bringing this kind of news to the foreigners living in Spain (I am one). Spain is finally waking up to the reality of the “Fiesta Nacional”. Roughly 85% of Spaniards are either against or don’t care for bullfighting, so how can it still be considered a Spanish tradition? Bullfighting is a big industry, surviving only on national and European funds. I pay taxes in Spain, and I don’t agree at all that my hard-earned money should go to torturing and killing innocent beings so that a bunch of people can pass their time on a Saturday afternoon, while a few earn a lot of Euro in the process. No thank you. We’ll be at the same place for a while.

  3. If you don’t like, then don’t go. At least, bullfight fans don’t leave the stadium to go and get drunk and fight, like football fans. As for ,most Spaniards being against the bulls, this is wishful sillyness.

  4. The only wishful silliness Lenox, is your erroneous statement about the large majority of Spaniards not being against bull-torture. You are simply wrong and well you know it. Your fatuous comments about football fans are totally irrelevant too.

    • ‘Bull torture’ – isn’t that a bit emotive? Argue or don’t, but lets leave the butterflies and puppies out of this. It’s probably also true to note that bullfighting will continue (or otherwise) regardless of indignant comments and lurid articles in the English-language freebies.

  5. Somos parte de los que oranizamos estas protestas y somos españoles…. No es nuestra fiesta.. no nos respresenta…. Hay una idea erronea de que a todos los españoles nos gustan las corridas de toros cuando no es cierto…. Los protaurinos son una minoria que se divierten asistiendo a la tortura y muerte de un animal en directo con los impuestos de todos… La tauromaquia en España esta subvenciona con 624 millones de euros al año de dinero publico, sin estas ayudas no sobreviviria…. Espectaculos crueles como estos mas dignos del medievo tienen los dias contados.. Las nuevas generaciones nos horroriza y cada vez somos mas y mas. TAUROMAQUIA ABOLICION!

  6. Gracia Virginia, Stefanjo y Claudia.
    Lenox you are a douchebag.
    Estan demonstrando ser unos psicópatas los amantes de la tauromaquia.
    The soulless evil lust for the blood of the innocents is the sickness of barbaric sub humans who should be incarcerated until they are fit to
    live in a civilized World.

  7. I can see the point of those who want bullfighting to be abolished. However, I do wonder at the logic of some well-meaning folk. Compared to most animals that we sensitive, caring humans make use of, the bull has a pretty good life for four years or more, running the open range, before his brief “moment of truth”. Compare that with the fate of animals we eat every day. Logically, should we not all cease eating eggs (ever seen battery-hen production, four or five birds crammed in a tiny cage?), forget about chicken, roast lamb and pork (those loveable little animals are force-fed and kept in semi-darkness then slaughtered when only a few months old), and desist from eating any kind of fish (hooked, beaten, suffocated). If you can swear to me that you and your family never eat any of these products, then your protests against bullfighting may sound a little more convincing.

  8. Legal definition of Animal cruelty:


    cruelty to animals. n. the crime of inflicting physical pain, suffering or death on an animal, usually a tame one, beyond necessity for normal discipline.

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