A conference on how to create sustainable communities and reduce carbon footprints will be held at Marbella’s Palacio de Congresos on October 27.

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  1. Could you send me some more details on this or advise me who is holding the conference, I am a carbon footprint analyst based in the province of Granada and this is of great interest to me.

    Many thanks

  2. Sounds like socio-politico gobbledegook to me as an Engineer & Business Director – especially when many of the political big wigs spouting this “stuff” get driven around in taxpayers’ funded limousines, flying in private or business class jets to exotic locations for more NO results conferences! Even Charlie flies Private and “trades” his carbon loss footprint – for something else (“Cow Emissions”?). Nice Balogna for idiots – ALL Government “officials’ must fly Tourist Class or…
    stay home where you won’t hurt anyone or the environment!

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