A TEENAGER who dropped out of university to set up a business selling British food to expats has made over €600,000 in her first year of trading.

Katie Smith, 18, quit her economics degree at Loughborough University last October to set up her UK-based company Tastes Marvellous.

The former expat, who grew up in Saudi Arabia, has so far exported British treats to 84 countries, including Spain, with best-sellers including Marmite, Minstrels, Hartley’s Jam and Bird’s Custard.

And while her biggest single market is the US, orders have come in from as far afield as Botswana, Kuwait and Greenland.

“During my first week at university, I realised that I had so many business ideas that I did not want to wait for three years,” said Smith.

“I really believe that I have learned so much more this year through practical experience than I ever would at university.

“Now I want to increase the business Japan and the Far East. The world is our oyster.”

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  1. Turnover and profit are vastly different things. Just watch Dragon’s Den to see entrepreneurs learning about that simple fact each week lol. Also, once again, this article has nothing whatsoever to do with Spain. Dropping out of Uni to, er, sell food. Great move.

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