A SPANISH state TV channel has received heavy criticism for its coverage of a pro-independence march in Cataluna.

RTVE ran the story as the fifth item on its 9pm newscast, despite every other channel and even the BBC opening with it.

The march, reported to have attracted a crowd of up to 1.5 million, brought the centre of Barcelona to a standstill and attracted worldwide media coverage.

The broadcaster admitted to ‘an erroneous assessment’ of the story’s newsworthiness, with a spokesman saying: “We accept that we made a mistake.”

RTVE has frequently been accused of having a pro-government bias and the current conservative regime favours a centralised Spain over strong regional power.

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  1. I love that two colonizing European countries like England and Spain are being torn apart internally. I look forward to the same happening in the USA too. Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaiiaans, native peoples, virgin islands all of those should be independent.

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