21 Sep, 2012 @ 11:58
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‘We will defend the waters’, says Spanish agriculture minister

Miguel Arias Canete says he will defend spanish waters

SPAIN’S agriculture minister has come out in support of the country’s fishermen in their ongoing dispute with Gibraltar.

Miguel Arias Canete told a meeting of EU agriculture ministers in Cyprus that the government would continue to support the rights of fishermen in La Linea and Algeciras to fish the disputed waters ‘without limitation’.

He added the Guardia Civil would provide protection to fishermen from the authorities on the Rock and that Spain was seeking a long-term solution through the European Commission.

“We will defend the waters as the fishermen have done in the past, and continue to catch just as in the past,” he said.

Eloise Horsfield

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  1. Isn’t that the truth! To fish the disputed waters “WITHOUT LIMITATION”, so typically Spanish!
    Mind you, they cannot be accused of inconsistency – they plunder fish stocks everywhere!

  2. Get the oil tankers out of the bay now!! nobody seems to see the danger these tankers are doing to the environment!!

    Spain will and should defend ITS WATERS and not be bullied by Picardo.

  3. Brujiño, one thing’s for sure – it’s never going to be part of Spain unless the people of Gibraltar want to be. You’d better get used to that. Got a job yet btw?

  4. aussie sunshine – “Spain will and should defend ITS WATERS and not be bullied by Picardo.”

    Assuming Gibraltar doesn’t want to cooperate at all how is Spain going to do this exactly?

  5. Fred

    No trouble with that just don,t want how things are now (mucha hipocresía)should be closed as soon as posible and then you can go for your independence.

  6. Fred

    And Freddy your frustation with the spanish jobless is awesome you may cross that fence and try to give these advise to some spanish people to see what happen but remember to get your royal navy medal if the things get ungly

  7. Reality: AS Spain is doing now at the United Nations.
    To me it is embarassing to see this colony in the 21st century Europe.The joint administration is a good way to start. Why are the Gibraltans so against joint administration??

  8. Er.. because maybe it’s because they are Gibraltarians and Er not Spanish… And, Er, maybe it’s because the referendum had a massively huge majority to stay, Er, Gibraltarian / British…. and as lovely, beautiful and diverse Spain is, Gibraltar is it’s own place with it’s own history and ways… I’m currently sat in Brympton towers in Gib overlooking Algeciras in Spain and North Africa… why change things when they don’t need changing…. Then again.. We could give the Basques their independence, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Mallorca and Cueta in Spain.. list goes on.. Er.. and on..

  9. Aussie sunshine, you sound more and more like brujo/bruji/brujino every day. Listen sunshine, if you think having a colony in Europe in the 21st Century is embarassing, why dont you feel equally embarassed about having quite a few more Spanish ones in Morocco for example? Or is the embarassment purely because it is in the Iberian Peninsula? Remember? Iberian Peninsula consisting of Portugal, Spain and Gibraltar? I hasten to add that Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory. Please let’s not go back to the nitty gritties. We flogged that to death just a few short weeks ago. If Spain doesnt seem to be able to administer itself, why would Gibraltar want to give Spain any part in its administration? We are doing very well on our own. Thank you very much for the offer, but no, thank you! How about Gibraltar administering the neighbouring town of La Linea? No? Why not? Because they are Spanish and dont want to be British! Well there you have it. Gibraltar is British and has been for over 300 years, longer than the USA has existed as such. Spanish people on the whole are nice people, nothing against them whatsoever, but to each his own.

  10. Never seen so much hypocrisy as in Gibraltar. They pour tonnes of crude oil in the sea through their Bunkering practices, and now they dare to comment about the fishing!!
    typically english, always talk about someone else s sh*t before talking about your own.
    Welcome to the 21st century, thanks to internet we all know how full of sh*t u english are, so stop the lying an manipulating the media

  11. Aussie sunshine – “Reality: AS Spain is doing now at the United Nations. To me it is embarassing to see this colony in the 21st century Europe.The joint administration is a good way to start. Why are the Gibraltans so against joint administration??”

    I don’t know – I’ve never even been to Gibraltar. I can’t say I know a lot about the politics or the attitude. All I remember from the other articles are the statistics indicating the vast majority of them want nothing to do with Spain as far as being Spanish, joint administration or anything along those lines. I would wager that, because they are really a distinct people, culturally, linguistically, ethnically, etc. that they want autonomy and self-determination. The simple fact that they don’t want to be a part of Spain is enough – I don’t think they even have to justify it, although the reasons are there.

    The idea of a colony may be embarrassing due to colonial history – but it’s also a near-completely homogeneous colony. It isn’t as if you have a small, elite ethnic group that is lording over an oppressed people. You’ve got a homogeneous group of 30,000 people in a 7km squared area of land who have been doing just fine for the last 300 years. It’s natural if they don’t want to be controlled by, or integrated into, a larger group.

    On the other hand – you’ve got much larger groups that are already a part of Spain who want to leave. I think perhaps Spain should focus on making those groups content first before trying to suck in these other 30,000 individuals.

    As far as the UN; regardless of how many resolutions are passed or decisions are made, it lacks teeth. Gibraltar can do just like everyone else does – ignore it.

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