THE tax man is coming to Spain.

Hacienda (Inland Revenue) bosses have announced new plans to crack down on offenders, with higher fines for those who pay late and new attention given to the black economy.

Tax agency boss Beatriz Viana said the government is currently owed some €6,000 million in pending tax offence cases.

She said that Spain invested just a third of the resources into tax collection of neighbouring France.

Viana said there will be harsher penalties for those who do not pay their taxes and faster systems for debt collection.

The new plan will come into force in 2013.


  1. Give me a job as a work inspector, they can pay me commission only on those I catch, I would retire within a month without even having to leave my neighborhood. The black work economy here is huge and so in the open it is almost unbelievable except it is real

  2. Dear readers; I have news for you.You might/might not be aware 1/4 of all Spanish transctions are done “under the table”. resulting in loss for the Spanish local/central government being some 210 billion euros/year.8.6 billion euros fraud is in the property business, and some 2.1 billion euros in illegal rental( 6 out of 10 rentals are done “outside the books”),The Spanish tax workers union “Gestha”reported this to reporters.Can you imagine tax payers in the UK,Germany,Netherlands are “not happy”( to pu it mildly)they might be pressed by Brussels to provide some “help”, while thousands, living comfortable under the spanish sun,are unwilling” to do right thing”?(This is certainly no joke; I have the source printed out before me).

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