Friday, June 2, 2023
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As Spain shut down for the festive period, the Hacienda still had a last-minute gift for Giles Brown

The noble men and women of Hacienda and Social Security who, in a pincer movement of ruthless efficiency and deadly timing that would have made the Duke of Wellington proud, ransacked my bank

90,000 companies in Spain receive letters warning of effects of no-deal Brexit

The letters list the new customs, tax and health-related requirements that businesses will have to meet to engage in cross-border trade

Financial experts blast Spain’s tax office as a ‘bully’ which turns taxpayers into ‘tax servants’

Many see in the Spanish Tax Office a tyrannical entity intent on extorting wealth from law-abiding citizens

REVEALED: The richest and poorest towns in Malaga and Spain

A NEW study by the Spanish tax authority has revealed the richest towns in Malaga and the whole of Spain. In Malaga,  Benahavís, Rincón de...

RAFAEL NADAL: Spain’s tax system doesn’t make sense

'Perhaps it would be better to go to another country with more beneficial conditions'

The tax implications of letting property to holidaymakers in Spain

The general rule is that if you earn any income from a property you own and let in Spain, you are liable for taxation

Spanish tax authorities cracking down on fraud in nightclubs

The raids have included more than 500 tax inspectors and law enforcement officers

Google offices in Spain raided by the Hacienda over tax evasion suspicions

Google says it has complied with Spain's tax legislation

Lionel Messi’s trial for alleged tax fraud begins in Spain

The trial is expected to last three days

British holiday home owners to be repaid millions by Spanish tax authority

Millions of euros to be repaid to Brits overcharged by ‘discriminatory’ inheritance tax

New manager for Hacienda Puerta del Sol in Mijas

But Carlos Baeza is perfectly qualified to take the stunning Hacienda Puerta del Sol to a whole new level

The ins and out of immigration in Spain

If you're not a Spanish national but want to live in the country for more than 90 days a year, the law requires you to become resident

Ex-Andalucian tax boss arrested in €2 billion corruption scandal

Angel Ojeda charged in Spain's 'biggest ever fraud case'

Caveat Vendor: A brief guide to selling your home, part 2

Once a sale is completed, the seller is liable for various taxes which must be paid to different authorities

Spanish taxman investigates Gibraltar’s chief minister

Hacienda investigation launched into homes owned by Fabian Picardo and his cabinet

Scaremongering tactics and the facts

Antonio Flores uncovers the truth behind some of the rumours surrounding non-resident tax issues

Tighter tax rules in Spain from 2013

The black economy and non-payers are to be targeted under new plans

Expat victims of equity release scams protest in Malaga

Over 30 foreign residents gathered outside Hacienda to protest over fraud that could see them lose their homes

Fighting back against property tax in Spain

Expats successfully battle the inland revenue to avoid paying ‘scandalous’ property tax

How to handle Spain’s Hacienda

In a bid to raise much needed funds the Inland Revenue is making new demands on foreign property owners, writes Antonio Flores

Beating the Spanish tax man … or not?

It used to be standard practice when buying and selling property in Spain to under-declare the value in the escritura, or deed, in order to avoid tax
tony hayward pic

Escape to Andalucia’s ‘oil corner’

OLIVE PRESS EXCLUSIVE: Under-fire BP boss finds the perfect retreat in Spain from his US nightmare... although his new Mexican-style hacienda could bring back bad memories...





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