A WOMAN charged with inflicting a ‘slow and agonising’ death on thousands of pets has also been accused of siphoning off up to €1 million of public money.

Carmen Marin, who allegedly put down 2,800 animals in Torremolinos without enough anaesthetic, now stands accused of a string of other offences.

In a hard-hitting report by Seprona, the Guardia Civil’s environmental arm, it is claimed Marin spent up to €1 million of her animal sanctuary’s funds on trips abroad, spa treatments, cars and driving lessons between 2008 and 2010.

It is also alleged that she also transferred €100,000 of the ‘non profit-making’ company’s money to help her daughter redecorate her cosmetic surgery clinic. Marin also allegedly illegally sub-letted a town hall building donated to the group to a restaurant owner, which made her €38,500 in rent.

Marin was arrested in 2010 over claims she had given smaller doses of the anaesthetic Dolethal than was needed for pets to die humanely.

She also failed to give the animals proper veterinary supervision.

In some cases animals were put into freezers while they were still alive.


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