A GROUP of Spanish mums have stripped off for a racy calendar to raise €43,000 for a much-needed school bus.

The women, from Valencia, have been left to walk their children six kilometres over unpaved roads each morning since school transport services were cut.

The mums can be seen posing for the saucy snaps inside bus shelters and along the school route. “Next year we’ll see whether the husbands have to get naked,” said one of the mums, Yolanda Peiro.


  1. There are reports in Spanish newspapers. It’s for the Colegio Evaristo Calatayud in Montserrat Valencia (obviously not the famous one in Catalunya) “http://www.abc.es/local-comunidad-valenciana/20121119/abci-madres-calendario-erotico-201211192005.html” It doesn’t give a supplier contact though.

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