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Policeman recovering in hospital after being shot in Gibraltar

Police shooting Gibraltar

A POLICEMAN seriously injured after being shot in Gibraltar is recovering in hospital after leaving intensive care.

The 38-year-old Gibraltar Defence Police officer is receiving specialist treatment in Spain after been shot in the abdomen at Europa Point on Tuesday.

Three men in their 30s arrested on suspicion of attempted murder are continuing to help police with their enquiries after a magistrate agreed to give officers more time to question the trio.

Two guns have been recovered, one from the sea bed, while six vehicles have been seized and nine properties searched on the Rock.

The shooting of the unnamed officer, who was off-duty at the time, is not thought to be linked to his work.

Police have appealed for anybody in the area of Europa Point on Tuesday between 3pm and 5.30pm to call 00350 200 72500.

James Bryce

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  1. What! How can this happen? Guns are absolutely forbidden in Britain. An interesting survey just carried out in the USA has discovered that if the murders with guns by African Americans are discounted, the murder rates are comparable with those in Europe, in other words, very low.

  2. Brian: We can only guess what the unspoken meaning behind your “interesting survey” is. Does one detect a whiff of racism here? Surely not. Who conducted the “interesting survey”?

  3. Stefano. Another brainwashed person who is urged to disregard the truth as it does not suit those who want to control us all, the closet Marxists? Be lazy and call me a racist and I know you are not likely to seek out the truth and if the truth is not acknowledged then the remedies that will cure the sickness will not be forthcoming. Read the extensive USA Press, not just the Left Wing papers, in your quest for the truth and dicuss to discover the solutions that will work.

  4. Well said Brian. Very refreshing to hear, rather than the left wing bleating that has filled our ears for so long.Fact! 80% of gun and knife crime in London is carried out by gangs from the Afro-Caribbean & Somali community. Some people just don’t like to hear that.

  5. “The shooting of the unnamed officer, who was off-duty at the time, is not thought to be linked to his work.”

    So it begs the question, if the meeting with the three men was not related to his work as a police officer, what exactly was the reason for the get-together at the isolated Europa Point.

  6. Will
    JANUARY 19TH, 2013 1:22 PM. Thank you Will. It is amaazing how many expats I have met here who in chats which usually starts off when I tell them that I lived in South Africa for 24 years, why was Nelson Mandela jailed? The indisputable truth (it is admitted in his book, “The Long Walk to Freedom, is that he was caught stockpiling explosives and weapons for a violent overthrow of the SA Govt. which if it had been the normal African type, he would have been hanged in a couple of days. Instead he was jailed where he could do little harm although it is known that he approved the terrorist bombings that murdered many women and children. The result is that he is now 94 so he was not treated badly for a terrorist and he is worshipped as the result of extensive propaganda campaigns by many around the World. He is also used as an example to other terror organisations as to why new recruits should join them as the Western Liberals and Socialists (Mandela is a closet Communist) does not execute terrorists so they can be freed after a few years in a jail that is a hotel, and be heroes.

    So far most by far of the expats agree and say that it is refreshing to discuss such views without feeling guilty of being called a racist usually by someone who has never been in Africa at all (it has happened to me once), which some do when they realise their views, emotional more than carefully considered, are on shaky grounds.
    South Africa is now a dangerous country especially if you are black/brown and cannot afford the very expensive security needs. Many are wishing for the days back when the “white man was in charge”. Not racist but a fact. Even said by a neighbourhood watch person during a recent documentary about the crime in Cape Town area as well as live on SA-TV.

  7. It appears Brian Deller is stuck in the Cold War, and not only that, he is a racist of the old-fashined South African kind. The disgusting, verkrampte Apartheit government was in desperate need of violent overthrow considering the oppression it meted out to human beings simply because of the colour of their skin. It had way more blood on its hands than the ANC or any of the other movements fighting for liberation for a vast majority of South Africans.

    And Mnr Deller breezily lays the blame of South Africa’s high rates of crime at the door of “dangerous” Communists like Nelson Mandela, without for one second considering why those “criminals” are so thoroughly dehumanised. Life is cheap in South Africa – it always was (unless of course you were white).

  8. Oh dear another misinformed anti-South African who has never lived there for any time, just like the odd one or two here who have similar attitudes and have never even been to Morocco, let alone the real Africa. I went to SA on business in Nov 1975 as the World Export Technical Manager for a well-known UK manufacturer of earth-moving equipment to give a week’s management course to all the service and parts managers of our dealer network in Sub-Saharan Africa. At the end of the week I was offered a very good job by the company, a British international one called Blackwood Hodge, and after considering it, in the days when Britain was going through a change for the worse with militant unions demanding 15% pay rises and British Leyland workers were sleeping or playing cards in the packing case areas while on night shifts and so on so, I accepted the job offer as it was a challenge to me to do the job instead of just teaching it. I did extremely well, taking over a large workshop with English speaking as well as Afrikaans mechanics, 20 in all and about 15 black Zulu assistants. The previous year the workshop which had a potential income of about ½-million a year, but had run at a loss and my predecessor had died of a heart attack at age 31. I had the handicap that not only was I new to South Africa but I was an “Engelsman” (Englishman) and I was new to SA. I applied what I had been teaching and doing previously most of my life including in the RAF where had been until my 30th birthday, and within three months, the atmosphere had changed for the better and customers started coming back with much work. All the mechanics showed happiness and the only ones that were unhappy were those including the alcoholic Branch Manager who was aprt of the corruption tream.. Having previously been attacked several times by terrorists while in the RAF, with me firing back from one of the helicopters (26 Squadron RAF) I flew in every 2- 3 days taking supplies to the S.A.S. or the Royal Marines etc. in the mountains 80 miles north of Aden, south Yemen where they were fighting terrorists,being called a racist does not faze me for I know it is not true. Mainly those, Socialists and Liberals with their own agendas who are losing the arguments against the truth call others racist The most important action was to stop all the corruption with the other managers and ignoring the threats it worked. At the end of the financial year my workshop made a net profit of 28%, the best in Africa for that company and the next year38% net. I was moved to Johannesburg as the General Service Manager. Why am I writing this? Because I have faced all manners of threats some from armed killers (terrorists) and many the results of ignorance of the facts. If anyone wishes to read up on the facts, please let me know and I will email checkable sources.
    I am only getting involved here because in my lifetime I have seen so many people accept propaganda without question. Apartheid was a system to avoid what has happened to just about every other African country south of the Sahara where despots have taken over and proceeded to wreck the countries. I repeat many black South Africans wish for a white government again for the peace it brought, and the chance they had where every tribe was to receive its own lands some bigger than Spain, where with direction from the very successful whites they could become rich and peaceful with their own elected leaders. The Afrikaners had had their lands confiscated by the British in the 19th Century when diamonds and gold were discovered, and Apartheid was system to prevent that happening again. The blacks were taught to the best of their abilities, given medical services and work to the extent that many more black people from Central Africa moved to SA. They did not care about Apartheid as it was far better than what they had in their own countries. In SA thgey had work, full bellies and hope for the future.

    I know that everyone who is ignorant of all the facts thinks Nelson Mandela is a saint but the facts are that he condoned murder, mainly of the black people to force them to join his ANC Party, and blowing up car bombs in city streets as well as land mines on farm tracks where anyone travelling was killed. There is no space here to supply all, but there is evidence from unbiased sources on the truth on the Internet. If you are interested, please me know and I will supply links and info.
    Incidentally, Stefano, I was not being rude to; you just advising that you have incomplete information to form a worthwhile considered opinion.
    A “boer” is the Afrikaans (Dutch) name for a farmer, people who feed others and in SA’s case, allowed the black population to increase since 1752 from thousands to 40-million in 1990. Since then 1-1/2 million whites have left SA, the ones that SA really needs to progress. With the many non-white people there being murdered and raped, we should ask ourselves who the real racists are now.
    See for just one post-Apartheid disaster: “http://www.spainvia.com/leftwingdisaster.htm”

  9. “The blacks were taught to the best of their abilities…” a classic example if there ever was one of trying to justify Apartheid.

    Mnr Deller, you are deeply naive if you think Apartheid was set up to stop whatever it was that happened in just about every country in sub-Saharan Africa. Apartheid was as a direct result of the Carnegie Commission study of 1932, and built on a colour bar and prejudice which already existed. Apartheid was there to guarantee that whites, especially Afrikaaners, where never jobless or poor again. The price for this “guarantee” was paid by black South Africans.

    If you think Apartheid can be justified at any level, you nothing more than inhuman – and racist to boot.

  10. Always funny how RACISTS like Brian talk and talk and talk and talk…
    That’s how it all works with the BNP, EDL & now UKIP – Sounds like a dangerous person to me!

  11. Roger – I have thoroughly read the comments and I cannot find one instance of racism. Why is it that every time you spineless liberals don’t like what you hear, you are the first to call people racists. The fact that these are well presented opinions, does not even enter your narrow mind which makes YOU a very dangerous person.

  12. Roger, hardly dangerous personally being aged 75 now, but very annoyed at all the racists who have committed so many non-whites in Africa to miserable, shortened (compared with average life-expectancies under white rule) lives living under tax-money stealing black despots. The personal insults to me I laugh off because I refer to facts, not emotional claptrap where those who believed the reasons for Apartheid were solely for white survival in a Continent where whites are being evicted when the terrorists who called themselves freedom fighters have been allowed to grab power. Zimbabwe is but one example and we all must know there are many more. But who cares because those who mock me will never live in these countries as they know in their hearts, or should do, that they are now very dangerous especially if you are not “pure black”. Except of course for those who fought the “six year terror war in South Africa, the Communist-inspired but Liberal minded also few.

    We have been invited to return even by some black friends i helped there so much that they begged us not to leave SA when we told them we were in 1999, tired of the crime and living in fortresses with limited access. Adios uninformed ones, end of my educational chats here.

  13. Roger : We usually have a chip at each other. Not this time. Your comments are spot on. Bravo! By the way, UKIP is dangerous. Xenophobic if not actually racist. If they get their way via Cameron (dump the E.U.) The outlook will be grim for ex-pats.

  14. Although there was no Apartheid in Rhodesia, a colour bar existed and blacks certainly knew their place. I should know, being the 5th generation of my family to be born there.

    Had there been real equality, with real access to all opportunities, if an educated and prosperous black middle class had been allowed to establish itself it’s highly unlikely that anything remotely like Mugabe would have arisen.

    Instead blacks were oppressed, denied opportunities and their potential was completely lost to the country. What you see occurring now in Zimbabwe is a direct result of the colonial and later Rhodesia Front policies. Mugabe is a direct result of those policies.

    Please don’t patronise us with the bit about life expectancies being better under colonialism than now. They would be better now than they were under colonialism if the countries in Africa had been left with an educated middle class, with people well qualified to run their countries, strong institutions, proper separation of powers, secure land tenure, etc. Exactly the opposite happened.

  15. I have not read everything above in detail but I get the general idea. I see UKIP mentioned… If the UK can’t shut their borders and stop the millions coming here for free money and houses then we should leave Europe. Even the people in the UK who are not British agree with this. There is no room left and we have £1 trillion to pay off. I live near London, do black people or immigrants cause more crime, that is probably a correct fact, same with immigrants in Spain, maybe they have less opportunity and less money so they go down this route. Black people have their own task force in London to try and stop all the shootings. Racism has probably created this in the first place, forced on to bad estates. Spain is really racist and it is not just about colour in Spain. I had a couple of South African people who worked for me once. The way they have been brought up is different and their surroundings, culture and outlook is different and it is not easy for a British person to understand. One of the people who worked for me was an ex-policeman and the other was ex special forces (SAS equivalent). The ex- policeman had a very short fuse while I could not even tell you the stories the special forces person told me, cool as a cucumber but deadly. After apartheid finished he went on to be a mercenary and went to other African Countries. He did tell me that when driving his BMW in SA he had a pistol on his lap when driving so that if anyone tried to high jack him / his car there would not be enough time to lift the pistol, he would have had to shoot through the skin of the door.

  16. Reap, you are correct. I was an SAP volunteer police reservist as were others. We knew that the propaganda war was being lost to the Soviet sponsored war on Sub Saharan Africa where much needed minerald were to be mines, some special that if not allowed to be so9ld to the West would greatly aid the Soviets in the Cold war. What a lot of ignoramuses do not know was that thousands of Black Rhodesians fought alongside the white Rhodesians to stop the black terrorists who wanted to steal all the riches of Rhodesia. Just as in SA where the varioius black tribes were to be given vast lands, as big as many Europena countries with al the mines factories etc, where they could vote in their own leaders, but Mandela and the others terrorists wanted it all, The whites historically, when the blacks took over in the rest of Africa soon destroyed the countries to the North, and that is why Apartheid existed so that the main driving force in Africa, the whites, would not be dispossessed of their birthrights. But it was not to be as we have seen and history as in Zimbabwe will show that the whites were correct. Wait until about 15 – 20 years time when SA/black Africa is demanding AID from the West claiming that man-made global warming has caused the droughts that have always been part of African life, the figure in print at the moment, for all of Africa, is US $ 67 billion a year. I have no more inclination to educate the ignorant here now. Remember what you have read here in 15 years time when once again I am proven correct. So sad for the poor black peoples of Africa.

  17. did,nt nigeria say they would offer land to dispossed white farmers from zimbabwe who were getting burnt out of their homes a few years ago????…..says it all i think !

  18. Next Mnr Deller will be telling us the Boers found an unihabited land when they arrived in the interior after their “Great Trek”…

    Blacks fought alondside whites in Rhodesia against the rooi gevaar, they did, it’s true, but perhaps Mnr Deller could give us a single example of a black person who held a senior commission in any Rhodesian regiment or the Rhodesian Air Force. They fought alongside alright, as cheap cannon fodder.

    It’s very obvious why sub-saharan countries could not function effectively after independence. Just try implementing healthcare in what was formerly the Congo Belge, a country nearly the size of Europe, when the number of qualified Congolese doctors could be counted on one hand. One finger in fact.

  19. Iestyn ap Robert. Well done. You are proving my arguments. It would surprise you to know that I can still pick up the phone and talk to black neighbours and friends in South Africa because I would offer them advice and help, As a result I have been at parties of 100 to 200 black families, the only white man there and when my wife, son and I announced were were leaving (escaping) for Europe as we were tired of the very violent crime after the ANC came to power, with the black, Indians and mixed races being every much victims as the whites although we had the money to protect ourselves more with a steel pallisade fence being erected at our cost all around the 900 houses in our township (housing area), the non-white neighbours begged us not to go as they knew what was going to happen with the ex-terrorist ANC in charge. But disbelievers here will continue to think what they like because they cannot bear to have been so wrong and have now sentenced as in most of Africa the black masses to miserable lives while their leaders live like kings; until the cash runs out. The onbe thing in common all the disbelievers have is that they have not lived for a fair time in Africa, in my recent experience anywhere in Africa, even Morocco. And of course they finish their arguments by calling those of us who have and know what we are talking about, “racist” A sure sign they know they have lost the debates. I just feel sorry for all the peoples o sub Saharan Africa who have been this bad fate by those interfering from outside. In SA many are now openly voicing their complaints about the declining conditions for the ordinary people and are saying “It was so much better when the white man was in charge”. In Zimbabwe, those that are still living have been doing it in private for years calling for the late Ian Smith to come back.

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