By Kathryn Richardson

A CHARITY hoping to provide palliative care to terminally ill residents in Granada is setting up its own helpline.

Acompalia need to raise funds to provide the helpline, which will be staffed by professional councillors and experienced nurses.

The helpline is the first phase of a project which will include home visits so that patients can stay with their families for as long as possible.

The charity was launched last year and aims to offer a fully staffed and equipped day centre with 15 beds for inpatients.

“When someone is told they have a terminal disease they want to talk as soon as possible to someone who will understand their feelings,” said Acompalia’s founder and president, Tina Emmott.

“By contacting our Helpline, they can get support from a trained and caring councillor.”

The helpline will be available for terminally ill patients of all ages and their families living along the Costa Tropical.

The Acompalia team, made up of volunteers, have started fundraising and are keen to hear from readers who would like to hold their own events.

Ms Emmott said advice, publicity, and top tips would be available from anyone wanting to get involved.

Ms Emmott added: “We’d also love to hear from anyone with performance skills such as musicians and theatrical talent as well as sports clubs.”

Chris Stewart, author of the book, ‘Driving Over Lemons’, is the charity’s vice president.

Contact Ms Emmott at or visit for more information.

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