By Kathryn Richardson

THE oldest radio station on the Costa del Sol has been forced to shut down.

Radio fans are upset after discovering that the 24-year-old station Coastline FM will be taken off the air tonight at 6pm.

Bosses at the radio station, based in the Axarquia, admitted that they had been forced to take the decision after being ordered to stop transmitting by the Junta.

However, station spokesman David Wilcocks hopes the shut-down will only be temporary.

He said: “We’re sorry about having to take the temporary step. However, it’s not the end of Coastline.

“We’d like to thank our loyal advertisers and listeners for their patience during this time.”

It is still not clear why the 100 broadcasters, including the company that owns the station, were given the order, but it is believed it concerns their ‘paperwork’. 

Torrox holidaymaker and artist, Maggie Riordan, 57, said she was alarmed by the news.

“If you, like me, only dip in and out of the internet, I’m going to miss Coastline and hope it comes back on air again as soon as possible,” she said.

“I have many friends in their early 60s who live here and are not computer savvy so will be lost without their radio, and soon, their telly as well. Thank goodness for free English newspapers.”

The station was first broadcast in 1989 and provides news and information to the English speaking community in Axarquia and on the eastern Costa del Sol.

The station will continue online at


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