By Frances Leate

AN ANIMAL shelter that has been looking after abandoned cats and dogs in Andalucía for almost 20 years has made a desperate appeal for help.

P.A.D (Protección de Animales Domesticos) currently cares for around 60 dogs and 250 cats at their shelter in Mijas Costa but like many other animals charities it is facing extreme financial hardship.

Volunteers at the charity say the shelter can only stay open for a few more months before it will be forced to close.

The charity’s source of income is entirely based on donations and although the shelter have started displaying notices informing people that no more animals can be accepted the staff find dogs and cats dumped on their doorstep daily.

President Lisa Emeny explained, “P.A.D currently has enough funds to survive the next two months and after that, if we don’t find a way to get some money in, I don’t know what we will do.

“Although we are constantly fundraising our current income levels are not enough to sustain the expenditure involved in ensuring the animals in our shelter are cared for and, although it is heart-breaking to turn people away, we simply cannot continue to take in any more cats and dogs.”

She added: “We have to focus on the ones we already have.”

If anyone is able to offer any financial help please make a donation to Bankinter:  0128 0796 13 0102677405

You can also donate via Pay Pal or take donations to the shelter.

For further information please call 658 351 642, email or visit


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