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UKIP launch on The Rock

UKIP Party Logo e

BRITAIN’S most controversial political party has launched in Gibraltar.

Among those attending the first official UKIP meeting – appropriately held in the Lord Nelson pub – was Douglas Hall, the former Deputy Chairman of Newcastle United.

Confirming a meeting with local pressure group Defenders of Gibraltar,  UKIP Representative Sean Howlett, told the Olive Press: “It is clear Gibraltar is facing problems with Sovereign infringement.

“The lack of backbone from Whitehall isn’t helping and we believe we can make a difference.”

Topics covered at the meeting included manifesto ideas and linking up to other pro-British groups in the area.

A source told the Olive Press that leader Nigel Farrage would be coming down to campaign later this summer, possibly joined by former Conservative MP Neil Hamilton and his wife Christine

Jon Clarke (Publisher & Editor)

Jon Clarke is a Londoner who worked at the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday as an investigative journalist before moving permanently to Spain in 2003 where he helped set up the Olive Press. He is the author of three books; Costa Killer, Dining Secrets of Andalucia and My Search for Madeleine.

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  1. Yes I bet they have targeted Gibraltar. This is such a transparent act from a racist, yes RACIST!! ‘political’ party. Don’t be fooled everybody.

    What an insult to the place!

  2. No DOUBT, the Tories lack backbone nor morals by reneging on their pre-election promises. UK Taxpayers must see what these IN experienced politicos are “worth” = how do you spell ZERO!
    If some 100 Tory Backbenchers sign a Petition to have an In-
    Out EU referendum BEFORE the 2015 Election, and Cameron refuses, kick him OUT!! UK Taxpayers have suffered enough under UK who now RUN the UK Government.

  3. Ironic that a staunchly anti-EU party should seek to come to Gibraltar; a place that has benefitted hugely from EU involvement and seek to cynically exploit a local border dispute. Gibraltarians demand freer movement across EU borders, UKIP want significantly less.

  4. If UKIP scares the other parties to act rashly on Europe it will take the UK back a hundred years and it may never recover. How anybody can think of voting for a one policy party led by a man who constantly lies over the UK’s payments to the EU. Farage says if the UK leaves the EU Germany and other countries will still want to sell goods to the UK, yes Mr Farage you are absolutely right they will want to sell goods to the British but they won’t want to buy anything.

  5. As a previous comment I posted was moderated, perhaps fairly… I’ll provide some additional links for Olive Press readers that may help them decide where I was coming from on UKIP, in terms of theiposition of *some* of their candidates on Nationalism,, their view on sexuality, their opinions of women and of the Queen…






  6. Defenders of Gibraltar has disputed the content of this article, denying that it has formed an alliance with UKIP but admitting to have met one of the party’s representatives.

  7. Shame you missed the opportunity to headline this article as “UKIP Turkeys Invited To Vote For Christmas” given that Gibraltar will have a far worse relationship with Spain if it was taken out of the EU.

  8. Anthony, I know this is late and I want this to come across as sincere.

    Your contribution (MAY 1ST, 2013 11:31 PM) is invaluable and well-researched. Well done!

    It was just an attempt at a launch, so we should not read too much into the story.

  9. Thanks Tony….

    Agree it was a tentative launch, mostly intrigued by the paradox between UKIPs basic message on the EU and Gibs sucess and growth since becoming a member.

    I suspect UKIP candidates will have to downplay or downright lie about this in any pitch to the Gibraltar constituency

  10. UKIP are NOT a racist party! and any inclination to UKIP being racist, are wholly false and quite frankly as i see it a pathetic attempt to tarnish UKIP’s rising popularity. keep trying you won’t succeed for UKIP doesn’t uphold hypocrisy nor false pretenses like the rest of the political establishment.

  11. I really cannot see the difference between being anti-immigrant and being racist.

    I am an immigrant in Spain. I often overhear people banging on about immmigrants. When I cough politely and point out they are in fact talking about me, the usual response is “Yes, but you´re different”.

    “Different in what way?” I ask.
    “Because you´re not from Morocco/Africa…etc.”

    “And if I were a white South African?”
    Followed by a brief silence, and then a change of subject.

    So what is the difference between being racist and anti-immigrant? In reality it boils down to what country the immigrant comes from, and what colour their skin is.

    White South Africans are one of the worst visa offending groups in the UK. (By that I mean they overstay. Naturally, the Daily Mail and Express both run regular critical front page stories about white South Africans. Not.

    Hence the hullabaloo when it was found that BNP members had been infitrating UKIP, even to the point of standing as UKIP local council candidates.

    Of course, that also happens to more mainstream parties. The issue is then one of numbers and percentages.

  12. Tony, I think it boils down to being able to support yourself financially or not and many of these coming to the UK and Spain are not able to do that, plus there are 9 hour waiting times in A & E now, so it is not just a case of money, in the UK we have too many people. My Wife states the same and she is not from Europe. I read in the papers today that we have to pay an increase to Europe of over £700 million on the annual bill, so much for Dave being tough on the EU. I think it is time for a change. We can’t even send radicals out of the country. It is all about to turn to UKIP I think. They are being talked about non stop and the debate is going on all day, every day. It is a snowball rolling down a steep hill. The Goverment said the most a local coucil can increase coucil tax by is 2% this year so many kept their prices lower but my local Tory Council increased by the maximum allowed. I am paying £2.2k a year. I think UKIP may as well have my vote at the moment as I can’t say the others are doing very well with anything.

  13. reap, this is not a question about people being able to afford health care or not.

    It is impossible to assess people´s finances. Some millionaires show zero profits on a year´s trading when they have a Rolls parked in the drive.

    Besides, UKIP never made affording health care an issue.

    “Too many people” is a value statement, not an objective statement. It boils down to resources: some people can afford things; others cannot. Those who can smile all the way to the bank. Those who cannot suffer, regardless of their skin colour and nationality.

    So what is the difference between being racist and anti-immigrant?

  14. The difference Tony is, the first is openly vicious and horrible, the second covers all that with flannel and high-minded waffle. Of course, the answer to your no doubt rhetorical question is, there’s no difference at all.

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