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Remainers in Spain respond to Nigel Farage’s call for second referendum on Brexit

A GROUP campaigning for the UK to remain in the EU has responded to Nigel Farage's suggestion of holding a second referendum. Bremain in Spain,...
ukip spending rules

Brexit: What’s happened one year on after the EU referendum

On the anniversary of the EU referendum, Joe Duggan looks back on the year’s roller-coaster political ride

Tony Blair denies planning political comeback to influence Brexit negotiations

The former Labour prime minister, who, according to a source, thinks Theresa May is a ‘lightweight’, has labelled reports that he has set up an institute near Whitehall as ‘wholly untrue'

UKIP misspent €500,000 of EU money to fund Leave campaign and to elect Nigel Farage as MP

Rules state that EU funding can only be spent on a party’s activities at a European level

EXCLUSIVE: Eurosceptic Robert Kilroy Silk selling €12 million Casares pad

The estate is the size of 114 football pitches, boasts a 10-bedroom villa, two adjoining cottages and two swimming pools, not to mention breathtaking mountain views

‘Pro-EU’ apocalyptic film closes Gibraltar off from Europe and shows ISIS landing in Spain

Dystopian TV film plays on the fragility of Spain’s relationship with Gibraltar

Nigel Goldman fraud case moves to Fuengirola court

Victims continue to demand justice as national journalists follow up Olive Press coverage

Named and shamed: the worst MEPs in Europe

Racists, homophobes and drug convicts...they are a strange bunch
podemos by numbers

Podemos: Can they or can’t they?

The hurricane of political change sweeping through Europe is also gusting under Spain’s front door. Is it a new People’s Revolution or just more of the same? Imogen Calderwood and Jacqueline Fanchini report

Gibraltar’s reef is legal

The artificial reef is environmentally sound

Gibraltar gets UKIP by default as eurosceptic parties gain ground across Europe

Election ‘earthquake’ leaves Gibraltar without its popular MEP Sir Graham while the rest of Europe is left trembling by Eurosceptic surge

Anti-Europe UKIP party takes seats in British local elections

Early results indicate European Parliament elections could go the same way

UKIP: ‘The free spirits that Gibraltar needs’

Former Tory MP Neil Hamilton was on the Rock to launch UKIP's European elections campaign

UKIP politician Neil Hamilton will visit Gibraltar next week

The UKIP party will get a European boost with a trip to the Rock

Will UKIP Rock the Rock?

Gibraltar has been a melting pot of nationalities and faiths through the centuries

UKIP launch on The Rock

The UK Independence Party has held its first official meeting in Gibraltar

Zapatero stung by land-grab criticism

Spanish leader’s trip to Strasbourg mired by Euro MP’s warning




Gibraltar calls for special care for its Scops Owls, Bee-eaters, Crested Larks and other birds as nesting season begins

FROM Barbary Partridges to Zitting Cisticola by way of Scops Owls and Crested Larks, Gibraltar’s bird nesting season is officially underway from tomorrow.  Spanning March...


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