FORMER Tory MP Neil Hamilton has claimed Gibraltar needs UKIP while he was on the Rock to launch their European elections campaign yesterday.

Now UKIP deputy chairman, the self-proclaimed ‘Butlins redcoat to the nation’ told the Olive Press that they are the ‘only party in a position to take Gibraltar seriously’.

Gawain Towler will be standing for UKIP for the South West England and Gibraltar constituency in the European elections on May 22, and Nigel Farage’s party are openly confident.

“Our view is that it will be much easier for us to defend Gibraltar outside the EU, we are free spirits” said Hamilton, whose sister has a house in Gibraltar and was married in the Rock’s cathedral.

“We think that we need to be far more demonstrative in our support for Gibraltar’s territorial integrity and the interests of its residents.

“The right not to be hassled as you cross the border, the right not to have incursions into territorial waters.”

UKIP gained 1,000 members in 24 hours following the last TV debate in the UK, taking the ranks to more than 40,000.

The party’s rise in publicity has coincided with the addition of Hamilton, well-known for his past in the Conservative party and the allegations he took bribes to raise questions in Parliament, to its ranks.

“I have added to the gaiety of the nation,” he claimed. “I’m the only active member of UKIP who has been a member of Government.”

Towler added: “Neil has brought a level of experience and professionalism into UKIP.”

Asked about border troubles, Towler explained his belief that the tensions would never relax while Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy’s PP Government is still in power.

“If we were outside the EU we could close our borders to Spain and see how they like that, send back all the Spanish waiters,” said Hamilton.

Pick up this Wednesday’s Olive Press for the full story.

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  1. “If we were outside the EU we could close our borders to Spain and see how they like that, send back all the Spanish waiters,” said Hamilton.

    Yes Hamilton nice to see you learnt about diplomacy whilst trousering money during your time as an MP. Still you are i god company as Farage says he only goes to Brussels for the cash.

  2. UKIP are standing for election to the European Parliament and if elected Mr Towler will represent Gibraltar so its reasonable for them to visit and explain what they can offer, probably not a lot. The BNP are not contesting the region this time, so the warm welcome they would have received for their leader suggesting Gibraltar should be Spanish will be reserved for the Greens who voted with the fascists to exclude Gibraltar from the ‘Open Skies’ agreement recently.

  3. Farage still refuses to tell me what would happen to UK ex pats living in the EU if Britain left, however to be fair neither will the Foreign and Commonwealth office. I suspect facing a freeze on pension increases and the withdrawal of other benefits such as reciprocal health care there will be a mass exodus of British pensioners from the EU and whatever government is in power at the time in the UK will wonder what the hell hit them, of course they will go on Question Time or the Sunday Politics and say we didn’t see this coming.

  4. a UKIP representative:

    ‘Mr Henwood told BBC political correspondent Ross Hawkins: “I think if black people come to this country and don’t like mixing with white people why are they here? If Lenny Henry wants a lot of blacks around go and live in a black country.”‘

    How ignorant to talk about blacks and whites. This is who you’re voting for if you vote UKIP!

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