STAR CAST: European leaders focus of mockumentary
STAR CAST: European leaders focus of mockumentary

AN apocalyptic BBC film showing Gibraltar cut off from the rest of Europe has rocked the international airwaves.

The tongue-in-cheek documentary also shows ISIS terrorists landing in Spain and UKIP leader Nigel Farage at the helm of the British government.

The BBC4 ‘mockumentary’, aired on March 1, focused on the important role played by the Gibraltar border in Europe and the fragile relationship between the Rock and Spain.

Blasted as ‘pro-EU scaremongering’ by Eurosceptics, The Great European Disaster Movie has caused a stir across the continent.

“It is clear that some management in the BBC believe the supposedly independent news organisation must act as a propaganda agent for the EU,” said UKIP MEP and Financial Affairs Spokesman, Steven Woolfe.

“Given that the BBC has received £22 million from the EU, UKIP asks where is the BBC’s EU logo displayed on the programmes that it makes?”

Produced by former Economist editor Bill Emmott, and Italian journalist Annalisa Piras, the film is ‘designed to provoke thought’.

“It’s a warning of what could happen if Europe continues on its current path,” Emmott added.


  1. It would be useful to include a little description of what the film is actually about. This article only tells me some people were upset at a movie. If it has any reality it’ll show Gib as a Bastion of Civility as the rest of the world falls apart. How can any one complain about that?

  2. It didn’t actually focus on Gibraltar at all, only for barely a minute.

    Gibraltar a bastion of civility? Only if your idea of civility is class deference and sycophancy towards the establishment – if that’s the kind of thing that makes the Rock ‘more British than the British’, it’s a good thing the British in Britain aren’t that British.

  3. I’ve found the people in Gib to be very similar, and as diverse, as the people in Britain. Obviously i havent met all of them so i cant vouch for the ones you’ve met.
    As for the comment about civility – i was camparing Gib to the PIGS countries, where it is clearly true on all levels.

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