A PETITION launched to clean up the nuclear fall-out at Palomares ‘once and for all’ has grown to 40,000 signatures, 49 years after the catastrophic accident.palomares

The petition, directed towards the US and Spanish governments, denounces their ‘irresponsible’ actions, claiming they could have cleaned up the zone 16 times since the accident.

In 1966, two US Air Force planes carrying four nuclear bombs collided above Almeria, killing seven crew members instantly.

The impact caused two bombs to split and disseminate radioactive matter over a square mile of Palomares, but mercifully the most powerful two – 75 times as potent as those of Hiroshima – did not detonate.

Although the disaster zone was partly cleaned and Palomares residents assured by the government that the land was decontaminated, scarcely 25% of the radioactive damage has been removed.

Locals worry that the plutonium may have degraded to even more deadly americium and fear that the damage may be irrevocable.

The village’s 1600 residents – 50% are British expats – are alarmed at America’s failure to clean up the mess they made, only contributing £353,000 since the event.

Follow the link to sign the petition on change.org: https://www.change.org/p/gobiernos-de-espa%C3%B1a-y-eeuu-descontaminen-palomares-de-una-vez-por-todas


  1. The Desert Springs resort has been advertised for some while on a Spanish property forum despite them being told it needed clearing of radioactive material. So, I wonder what the legal implications would be for the developers and agents and websites that pushed this site should buyers and residents be affected health wise, and, if this devalues the values of their properties?

    Maybe time for owners to form their collective potential litigation group!

  2. The petition to clear up this mess is on a website Change.org and so far has reached over 42,000 signatures, they want 100,000.

    If you’re interested in helping the locals by signing then please go to the website and in the search box enter Palomares.

  3. The 100.000 signature target only applies in the UK, it COULD spark a parliamentary debate at that level. In Spain it is of no significance. Let’s face it, they would ignore a million signatures here. It may even fall foul of the proposed new “gagging” laws. The Palomares situation has continued for decades, the safest thing to do there is get the hell out and stay out.
    It sounds defeatist I know, but neither the Yanks (who ARE responsible) or the Spanish, of any stripe, will ever take meaningful action on this.

  4. I know petitions on the UK Gov’t website need to reach 100,000 stefanjo but it is also the target for Palomares, some of us have signed it to support the locals and expats who want it cleared.

    Like minded folk needed!

    change.org website enter Palomares in the box at top of site and click on Petitions:
    Gobiernos de Espana EEUU: descontaminen Palomares de una vez par todas

    It really could become a ‘hot topic’ if left apparently.

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