Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Mercadona shocks Spain by axing popular ice creams but new petition aims to bring them back

SUPERMARKET SHOCKER: Mercadona cancels its popular frozen desserts MERCADONA has shocked Spain by discontinuing some of its...

Starlite festival ‘cuts links’ with Marbella and threatens to sue ‘obstructive’ town hall

ORGANISERS of the popular Starlite festival have threatened to sue Marbella after cutting ties with the town hall.  The shock announcement came at the weekend...

Petition to name a Marbella street after young local who died of cancer gains 145,000 signatures

Pablo Raez Martinez campaigned to increase bone marrow donations

Parents demand removal of ‘contaminated’ fish from school menus in Andalucia

A petition now has almost 10,000 signatures

45,000 sign petition to protect bull from appearing in Madrid opera

The bull’s owner earns about €5,000 per showing

Campaign launched to remove dressed-up dog from abusive homeless owner in Malaga

EXCLUSIVE: The owner is accused of forcing his dog to wear sunglasses and a police cap, and also placing a studded collar around his neck to stop him from moving.

40,000 sign petition for Palomares nuclear clean-up

Ecologists and locals unite against government failure to remove highly radioactive matter from Almeria

Petition demands end to Three Kings ‘blacking up’ in Madrid

The tradition reveals alarming lack of political diversity

Gibraltar cracks down on speeding drivers

The Rock has begun installing speed cameras in hazardous locations

Families outraged by cheaper Casares school meals plan

The program also stands to threaten the local meals-on-wheels programme