ORGANISERS of the popular Starlite festival have threatened to sue Marbella after cutting ties with the town hall. 

The shock announcement came at the weekend after mayor Jose Bernal said he would support the event as long as its leisure area closed at 2am, in keeping with current laws.

Starlite responded by accusing the town hall of an ‘obstructive’ attitude and saying it would take ‘legal action to defend the interests of the festival.’

In its Press Release, Starlite, now in its sixth year, said it had made a significant contribution to Marbella tourism, and would be in talks with other towns that wanted to host the festival next year.

A worker from the festival has created a petition calling for the festival to stay put.

The letter, addressed to the City Council, has harvested more than 2,300 supporters since Saturday afternoon.

It reads how the summer event generates 800 jobs each year, which encourages tourists who travel exclusively to see world-class concerts.

It says moving to another town has repercussions in the rest of the city’s business fabric – hotels, restaurants or Beach clubs, among other establishments – while stressing that Starlite ‘is not just a festival for the rich’, because tickets can be purchased from €15.

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  1. Well. I think they are being dramatic ! As the townhall as denied the after 2am threshold for outside disco! What is unreasonable about that.! They can still do all the normal concerts as normal. 2nd point. Against the townhall. Why do it now ? And why against starlight now? The other venues which have been highlighted recently should have had priority…

  2. The STARLIGHT Music Festivals will end. Unfortunately.
    1. The Marbella Town hall lease on the property ends it´s 25 year contact this year.
    The owners – the Junta de Andalucia – will renew for 1 year at a time but increasing the annual rental fee from 7000 eu to 150000. Marbella is refusing to accept this arrangement.
    2. Profits from the events are generated by the disco bar. Music festivals per say, are money losers.
    3. Why now ?? It seems illogical that the STARLIGHT is harrassed during the peak of the holiday season. now is the time however, that the most complaints are registered. The properties and urbanisations are of the most luxurious in Marbella. The residents have been complaining about the noise and heavy traffic up until 6am. The number of complaints forced the police intervention.

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