A BELOVED guide dog was found dead in a ravine after running off during a firework display at local fiestas in Monachil, southern Spain on Sunday.

Rubio had been a guide dog for his 70 year-old blind companion since 2016 but like may animals he became terrified and anxious when he heard fireworks.

Unfortunately  during the local fiestas in Monachil, the dog escaped and ran off when the firework display began and was later found dead in a nearby ravine.

Madrid Ciudad Amiga De Los Animales Celebra San Anton 07
Beloved guide dog found dead after running off scared during fireworks at local fiesta in southern Spain. Image Wikipedia.

The incident has renewed calls by animal rights groups to ban fireworks because of the distress they can cause animals.

Friends and neighbours of Rubio’s devastated owner have launched a petition on Change.org to ban fireworks at the next fiesta.

Doctors have warned that people with autism, babies, elderly people, and heart patients get really stressed when listening to the heavy noise of the fireworks.


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