CASARES residents are up in arms after the Junta announced plans to cut public school costs by replacing cafeteria services with a cheaper, private service.

Shocked parents immediately began protesting at Casares High School, with children and adults holding signs and surrounding the building.

There are also concerns that a meals-on-wheels programme for local elderly people, using surplus ingredients, will have to be scrapped.

The current scheme buys local food and adheres to strict nutritional guidelines, but the new service is likely to favour cost-cutting over health and sustainability.

School dining schemes in Almáchar, Humilladero, and Mollina are also under threat.

An online petition can be found at


  1. Anyone would think these kids don’t like eating cardboard, while the private company bosses live high on the hog.
    As for pensioners fattening up on pigswill, well, that needed putting a stop to. They already live long past their usefulness.

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