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Spanish nuclear power plants have to stay in use for forty more years says leading energy chief

NUCLEAR power stations in Spain must remain active for another decade at least if the country wants to fulfill its obligations under the Paris...

Doomsday clock moves closer to midnight as nuclear war deemed more likely

THE Doomsday clock which represents the likelihood of a man-made global catastrophe has just moved closer to midnight. Started in 1947 by Chicago Atomic Scientists,...

Spain blasts North Korea for latest nuclear weapons test

SPAIN has blasted North Korea's latest nuclear test and warned that such actions by Pyongyang could affect its relationship with Madrid. The Spanish Foreign Ministry said...

European Commission concerned over Spain’s nuclear power stations

Issues surrounding the safety of older reactors were raised by climate and energy commissioner Miguel Cañete

40,000 sign petition for Palomares nuclear clean-up

Ecologists and locals unite against government failure to remove highly radioactive matter from Almeria

Greenpeace activists dodge jail after Valencia nuclear plant break-in

16 activists were facing the longest jail sentences ever handed to Greenpeace in Spain

Greenpeace facing tough punishment in Valencia for nuclear plant protest

Activists and AFP photojournalist facing three-year sentences

Green energy retreat in Spain

Spain's use of coal as an energy source almost doubled last year

New nuclear waste dump sparks controversy in Spain

The dump will cost an estimated €700 million

High winds generate record energy in Spain

Energy produced in Spain was equivalent to that of 11 nuclear power stations

Keep nukes off the Rock

Spain in attempt to force US submarines to dock in Rota

Operation nuclear clean-up

America said it will reach a decision both countries are happy with

Spain asks America to clear up nuclear mess

US nuclear bombs accidentally fell near Palomares in the 1960s

Electric shocker

Bartie considers the benefits of the electric car

Wind record blown away

Spain's turbines set new record for electricity generated