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Spain’s PSOE claim victory in historic EU ballot while Brexit party and Lib Dems surge in UK

The European results saw euro-sceptic parties gain ground and far-right Vox MEPs entered the EU parliament for the first time

WATCH: ‘Bonkers’ British expats fly from Spain to UK to support Nigel Farage’s new Brexit party and the internet...

The couple, known only as Barry and Diane, appeared on BBC news last week

Odds slashed on second Brexit referendum

IN ANOTHER twist to the Brexit saga, Nigel Farage is now calling for a second referendum. The former UKIP leader announced on Thursday that he...

Farage branded a ‘hypocrite’ after he plans to still claim his huge EU pension

Controversial ex-leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage, has been ridiculed after stating he plans to take his bumper EU pension. "Of course I would take it....

THE BAD BOYS OF BREXIT: Coming soon to a screen near you

A MAJOR Hollywood studio is poised to sign a deal with Nigel Farage and Arron Banks to make a £60million, six-part film of Mr...

‘Wilful damage’

HAPPY new year to you ALL! It's around a month now since the 8 December edition of the BBC's Question Time from Maidenhead. You can catch...

Tony Blair denies planning political comeback to influence Brexit negotiations

The former Labour prime minister, who, according to a source, thinks Theresa May is a ‘lightweight’, has labelled reports that he has set up an institute near Whitehall as ‘wholly untrue'

UKIP misspent €500,000 of EU money to fund Leave campaign and to elect Nigel Farage as MP

Rules state that EU funding can only be spent on a party’s activities at a European level

OPINION: On June 23, Remain is right

Britain deserves better than Farage and Gove's vision of our future

‘Pro-EU’ apocalyptic film closes Gibraltar off from Europe and shows ISIS landing in Spain

Dystopian TV film plays on the fragility of Spain’s relationship with Gibraltar

New Year’s revolutions

2015 looks to be a year of politics and pensions

Gibraltar gets UKIP by default as eurosceptic parties gain ground across Europe

Election ‘earthquake’ leaves Gibraltar without its popular MEP Sir Graham while the rest of Europe is left trembling by Eurosceptic surge

UKIP politician Neil Hamilton will visit Gibraltar next week

The UKIP party will get a European boost with a trip to the Rock




“This has to stop” – mother delivers petition to Congress with 63,000 signatures demanding total ban of mobile phones...

TWO TEACHERS on Thursday delivered a petition with 63,000 signatures to Spain’s Congress of Deputies in a bid to encourage a total ban on...


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