11 Nov, 2016 @ 16:29
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Nigel Farage claims to be ‘catalyst’ for Donald Trump’s victory and calls Barack Obama a ‘creature’ during interview in Spain

Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage

NIGEL FARAGE has said he was the ‘catalyst’ for Donald Trump’s shock victory in the US presidential election during an interview in Spain.

He also referred to exiting US president Barack Obama as a ‘creature’ and joked about Trump’s alleged sexual assaults.

While speaking to TalkRadio while in Barcelona, Farage joked several times about the idea of Trump sexually groping Theresa May when he met her.

He said: “I’m the catalyst for the downfall of the Blairites, the Clintonites, the Bushites, and all these dreadful people who work hand in glove with Goldman Sachs and everybody else, have made themselves rich, and ruined our countries, I couldn’t be happier.”

Farage continued: “That Obama creature – loathsome individual – he couldn’t stand our country. He said we’d be at the back of the queue, didn’t he?”

He went on to argue how Trump would be more UK-friendly.

“What was interesting was that Trump said we’d be at the front of the queue. However imperfect Donald Trump may be, and my goodness he is, his mother was Scottish, he owns Turnberry, he spends a lot of time in our country, he loves our country, what we stand for and our culture.”

Joking about him groping UK prime minister Theresa May he said: “Don’t touch her for goodness sake,” before laughing.

Farage then offered himself up as a guardian to watch out for Trump’s potentially un-presidential behaviour: “If it comes to it, I could be there as the responsible adult role, to make sure everything’s OK.”

Nigel Farage was in Spain to attend a ‘private event’ with Alistair Campbell and others.

Laurence Dollimore

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  1. Farage a catalyst? More like a pilot fish swimming with a shark. Consuming parasites and food the shark doesn’t want. The worst of Britain rubbing up with the worst of Amerika.
    (Might as well go back to the sixties spelling, Nixon-era)

  2. How dare Farage make such disgusting remarks about Barak Obama. Perhaps he is of the same ilk as Trump and likes to grope defenceless women. Makes me ashamed to be British. I just hope Theresa May does not give him any role in any capacity as representative of the UK

  3. Stefanjo and Wolfgang, typical victims of the Globalist driven agenda, their brains pumped full of lies and misinformation throughout their lives. I feel sorry for you guys. Well done to Donald Trump the Brexit of the USA. I hope France, Germany and many other countries follow Farage and Trump, and cause the EU to fall apart.

  4. Farage is like a bad virus…he spreads himself everywhere and eventually he will create his own downfall..Already he is being frowned upon for supporting Trump…Pity the Brexit voters couldn’t see through him and his lies months ago…

      • So Carlos, you absolutely believe Farage is the one to blame for Brexit? Try to keep in mind, that only thirty seven percent of voters went for this foolishness, leaving sixty three percent who voted to remain or didn’t vote at all. The actual majority was around one and a half million for leaving. Hardly massive from around thirty four million voters and if it had fallen the other way, your hero would be shouting “unfair!” from the rooftops.
        The guy makes my flesh crawl.

        • stefanjo you are correct. They would be doing exactly the same as the remainders, shouting “unfair” from the roof tops. Can’t see your gender in wishing to remain in the crumbling block, besides no negotiations have yet started, who knows you maybe allowed to remain in Spain, that’s if you live there. Regardless of the %, it was a democratic vote, approved by Parliament and the leavers won and Brexist will happen and you can continue shouting from the roof tops. Btw, I also voted to remain with the thought of retiring either in Italy or Spain but do accept the democratic vote.
          I also feel the same way as you do regarding your thoughts of Farage yet mine are of Junker, he also makes my flesh crawl but under the EU system can’t do anything about it, at least under a democratic voting system by the PEOPLE he could have been kicked out after 4 years. At the moment it would appear that Trump is trying to repair certain bridges, bridges as far as he is concerned which are more important to the safety of the World than to have a sudden meeting at the quest of Junker. One of Trumps concern is NATO and Britain being a part of it is the only country that fulfills it’s obligations financially yet the EU Federalist suggest in having it’s own army, why, and if Trump does decide to play tough with other so called NATO member’s in coughing to meet their obligations who will be paying for this new great army that Junker pro-posses to have. You do realize the implications in having a half baked EU army, a army against who, Russia or it’s own people. Forget Russia who could wipe out Europe in 24 hours, so what is this army for. “I’ll tell you this” as Blair would say, it’s an army to stop any protests or uprising against the wishes of the Federalist state and yet you cannot see the meaning of this form of EU. Please don’t commit yourself in saying “We must remain and alter things from within” We can’t, we have tried that’s the reason of leaving this crowd Cameron done his best. Mac was right, “You’ve never had it so good”. Are you British, I hope not.

        • Why do you assume I blame Farage for Brexist. Who I do “blame” is Junker and his crowd that caused Brexist. That’s who you should be complaining about not someone that for years has been fighting for the cause and rights of the British people.
          But more important then that is, and what would be interesting to know is why you are so keen in remaining in the EU. You know you could still remain if you wish, that’s if you have the balls, which I doubt, is to change the course of your history “GIVE UP YOUR BRITISH NATIONALITY IF YOU WISH TO LIVE IN SPAIN AND APPLY FOR THE NATIONALITY OF THAT COUNTRY”. Simple really. But then, what will you do when the EU collapses holding a Spanish passport.
          But IF the proposal of a European passport allows us to remain, what’s your problem,
          I voted to remain for personal reasons in the hope of retiring in Europe at a later date and no doubt you did also but I respect the wishes of a wining side the same as the wining side in a World Cup and so should you. Brexist will happen and there is nothing you, I, or any remainder can do about it. We had a democratic vote and we lost, get over it, if not STFU.

          • stefanjo, forgot to mention and add if the law was changed that any person that changes a British Nationality to any other nation would be banned from a applying for British nationality again.

  5. Although he wasn’t the catalyst I think the Brexit vote was a protest vote to a very large extent against many things including the EU and our politicians. Likewise I think the same protest was made by the Americans and hence Trump is in charge rather than one of the usual suspects i.e. a Clinton.
    Hoping for similar protest votes in other parts of Europe which will mitigate Brexit and lessen the effects on us expats. The French and Italian people are well known for their protests and may yet rail against their German mistress.

    • Good point, I think Brexit was a protest vote for many who were unhappy about “X” and voted against “Y”. It was singularly unhelpful but it looks like we are stuck with it so if other EU member states elect different governments next year who are less likely to play hardball, then it has to count in our favour and let’s face it, we need all the help we can get. I think the timing of the UK referendum was appalling and Cameron should have waited until the Italian (referendum), Dutch, French and German elections were out of the way and the political landscape changed which is very likely.

      I am still hoping that the UK joins the EEA post Brexit.

      • Jane G. Are you saying that if countries you have mentioned tend to vote under the
        same principles as they did in the UK are they also voting in “protest” or voting as in the rights of the people, if not can you explain why there would be a difference. Curious that’s all. But I truly hope that the forth coming negotiations covers the rights of all expats and people that intend to retire to Spain or a country of their choice becomes fruitful which basically was not the reason of the leave campaign and although I am a remainder I do appreciate certain points being made to leave.

  6. Strange really. It has been suggested that Obama may pardon H.Clinton as his last gesture. If she is innocent as she insists she is, why would there be a need for a pardon, pardon for what?.

  7. In an extraordinary snub to other world leaders, Obama praised Ms Merkel as his closest ally and in a swipe at Britain’s historic Brexit vote, said he supported a “united Europe”.
    Mr President we all want a “united Europe” but not under a dictatorial regime. The American people have a democratic choice to vote every four year’s whereas the people of the Europe Union can’t, besides it’s good to see a racist party out of government and a bit surprised that Obama would be a part of a so called Democratic party.

    • Steve Bell in the Guardian, more accurately depicts Farage as a green and purple toad. (Who is offering his lips to Theresa for a kiss)
      One picture, worth a thousand words.

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