SPANISH Formula One hero Fernando Alonso has come under fire for allegedly smashing a photographers camera.

Jordi Martin claims the Ferrari driver ‘manhandled’ him after he tried to take a picture of the star and his model girlfriend outside a hotel in Barcelona.

Alonso, who is staying in the city ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix, is then alleged to have smashed Martin’s €6,000 equipment on the ground.

Martin, who has reported the driver to the police, says the assault was witnessed by several fans gathered outside the hotel.

“Let’s see if through this complaint he learns to have more respect for the press,” said the photographer.

“He is an example to millions of children, he knows perfectly well that he was not provoked,” he added.


  1. “Let’s see if through this complaint he learns to have more respect for the press . . ” Let’s see if from this incident the photographer learns to have more respect for his victims. Investigative journalism is one thing. Paparazzi are an entirely different matter.

  2. What is the distinction between investigative journalism and paparazzi? This big-headed petrol-head was in a public place. He’s famous. He’s fair game for someone else to make a few bob from. If he doesn’t like his fame he can always stop polluting the planet with his chosen route to fortune.

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