FLOATING Hotel Sunborn Gibraltar arrived at the Rock on Tuesday and began final preparations to become the world’s first five star floating hotel.

Brian Stevendale, CEO for Sunborn Gibraltar, says, “This is a huge news story for Gibraltar, the arrival of the world’s first five star yacht hotel on our shores.  She’s a stunning piece of workmanship and over 3,000 experts from  across the world have been involved in her development and construction – a project of a monumental scale.

Not only will she provide a much needed luxury hospitality and events venue for Gibraltar, but she will also create 200 permanent jobs for local people.  When the Chief Minister returns from the UN Committee in New York on Thursday, we’ll be inviting him down to Gibdock to take a look.”

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  1. does gibraltar really need 6 star accommodation – opposite the cepsa refinary? i also believe most hotels in gibraltar are currently operating on 60% occupancy so would people really pay a premium to stay next to a casino and loads of pubs? Surely the first thing should be to close the refinary to stop the emissions of whatever it is that constantly seems to be bellowing out of the chimneys whenever i pass it.

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