OPPONENTS of a huge ‘macro development’ on one of Andalucia’s last stretches of unspoilt coastline have been given another two months to gather names on a petition.

The protest group opposed to the massive 600-room hotel project, near El Palmar beach, on the Costa de la Luz, need 40,000 signatures to force the scheme to be debated in Parliament.

Currently the group Salvar el Palmar (PELP) has over 25,000 signatures, but is expecting thousands more with both Sevilla and Cadiz universities getting involved this month.

Developers Chival Promociones plan to build two luxury hotels and create 300 jobs in the area.

It was originally apparently shelved in 2009 when company Riera Marsa pulled out of an agreement.

But now new backers, including Cajasol bank, are once again making it viable.

Backed by UK celebrities including Hugh Cornwall, from the Stranglers and Paul Weller from the Jam, Pelp was originally set up when the plan was first presented in 2009 by Vejer Town Hall.

A spokesman Lola Yllescas said: “This will destroy one of the last undeveloped nature spots in Andalucia. It is a disgrace.”

The petition can be signed at http://www.salvarelpalmar.es/


  1. Interesting over a hundred response to the will be or won’t be of tv satellite;other complaints that the Spaniards don’t care about the country side or destroy the coast with over developing, etc… and yet not one comment about this story.
    Not trying to start an argument just some awareness.
    It is a beautiful place and it would be a shame if it was destroyed. If you can, please read up on this and sign the petition if you are in agreement with saving what is left of vastly dwindling, unspoiled coast line. Thanks

  2. Curiosamente Salvar el Palmar no colabora con la esta ILP. Son muchas las asociaciones que colaboran pero ni Salvar el Palmar ni Lola Yllescas participan en esta Iniciativa. Deben ser más correctos a la hora de publicar las noticias. Sólo se crea confusión y se resta credibilidad.

  3. @surf&turf: go live in Benedorm.
    Its the thin end of the wedge. First a hotel, then infrastructure, then supporting businesses, then homes, then more hotels…
    Oh, but there will be 300 jobs for the thousands of unemployed.

    No, No No, QUE NO !!!!!!!

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