SPAIN’S top executives are the among the highest paid in Europe, despite the current economic crisis.

Topped only by Italy, Spainish CEOs take in a median base salary of €788 per hour while the top earners rake in a figure closer to €950 every 60 minutes.

Meanwhile, the lowest earners in Spain receive just €3.85 an hour.

The huge wage gap, highlighted in a report by the Federation of European Employers last week, has sparked debate about capping executive pay levels.

CEOs in Italy can earn a staggering €1,144 per hour, according to the report.

With Spain coming in at second, the UK bosses follow with a median base salary of €592 per hour while French CEOs take in €47 less earning €545 per hour.

In March this year, Swiss voters ruled to cap executive wages with a 68% majority.

The move means that company shareholders will now decide on executive pay levels.

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  1. you pay people what they are worth..and if you think, these top earners possibly make jobs possible for 1000’s of others… and if not paid XYZ…then bye…they are off to where their talents are needed…. That is the way it is… So yes as J.A. Roberts says… They must be good…

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