A NEW report has slammed the cost of Andalucia’s toll roads.

The report, issued by watchdog group Consumer, reveals that the region’s tolls are the most expensive in the country.

Additionally, the most expensive tolls around Spain are four times the price of the cheapest, without any difference in ‘service, cleanliness or safety’ says the report.

Researchers also found that only 44% of tolls displayed legally required information such as price and vehicle type while many of the tolls appeared to be out of service.

Consumer pulled no punches when it came to the conditions of Spain’s motorways either.

The report found national motorways to be lacking clear signage to signal the recommended distance between cars, traffic conditions and dangerous stretches of road.

Some 20% of roads inspected also lacked well defined lane markings, according to the report.


  1. You guys, (Ted and Bill) must enjoy paying higher tolls. If you want to shoot the messenger, have a go at the “consumer watchdog” above, who has highlighted the absurd state and price of Spains so-called motorways.

  2. I was merely laughing at and pointing out Fred’s notoriety for seeking out the bad in most articles he unfortunately appears on. You’ll happily hold his hand though when crossing these toll roads of despair instead of making constructive comments.

  3. The Tolls between Alicante – Valencia are expensive and also receive a subsidy. So why don’t they just make them all free, we are paying for them anyway as the debts rise.

    The N332 is now the main artery so they only get suckers using the Toll on holiday.

    Make then cheap and get more cars etc, put prices up nobody uses them Simple but not to the Spanish who put prices up when customers start going elsewhere.

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