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Woman on holiday to Spain suffers terrible reaction to sun cream

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SHE came to Spain to enjoy a two week holiday for the first time in five years.

But Clare Myers trip ended in tears when she had a horrific reaction to her sun cream that left her needing emergency care for two days in hospital.

The mother-of-two was left looking ‘less model and more Michelin man’ when her face swelled up after applying Piz Buin’s 1 Day Long sun cream.

“My cheeks were so big I had to drink through a straw,” said Clare, 42, who had to have a course of steroids creams and antihistamines to stop her body flaring up more.

Her family rushed her to Clinica Juaneda, in Menorca where she was put on a drip to bring down the allergic reaction.

Doctors at the hospital’s A&E department were concerned about her high blood pressure and feared she would struggle to breathe because of the swelling.

Ms Myers said: ‘It completely ruined our holiday. It cost us over €2,000 and it was our first two-week holiday in five years.’

Manufacturers Johnson & Johnson insisted: ‘Piz Buin 1 Day Long is a safe and effective sun protection product. It contains only permitted ingredients and is labelled according to legal requirements.’

However, Marie Goldie, 37, from Glasgow, suffered a similar reaction to Ms Myers while on holiday in Spain in 2011.

Doctors in Tenerife said her reaction was so bad they feared she’d need surgery to save her sight.



  1. All sun creams are useless and harmfull
    The rise in svere skincancers has risen 55% since the introduction of suncreams…
    They even put anti-inflammatoire in it, to avoid the red s burnded skin.

  2. Nothing to do with sun-creams as such. The cause of this reaction is an additive used as a preservative. (it stops creams going mouldy) The chemical is called,(deep breath) methylisothiazolinone. Usually called M.I. It is a recent discovery that ten percent of people will suffer such a reaction from its use. There are strong calls for its use to be terminated, as one can even die from it. It is used in dozens of cosmetics, including the one named here. It would pay to avoid these products.

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