A WAR has broken out on the Costa del Sol airwaves between two of its best known presenters.

The spat has led to iTalk boss Maurice Boland threatening to sue David ‘The Dogman’ Klein, after he announced that his rival’s station was off air.

Klein, who has a regular Saturday show at Talk Radio Europe (TRE), demanded to know why the station was no longer broadcasting on its normal FM frequency.

And he also claimed the beleaguered station was no longer based at the luxurious five-star Kempinski hotel in Estepona.

This however, quickly angered iTalk owner Boland, who issued statements insisting that his station was not only still based at the hotel, but that he was continuing broadcasting, albeit via the internet.

He told the Olive Press last night: “This is a scandalous rumour started by one man on the internet.

“Yes it is true I took the station off the FM frequency because as a small business the station could not afford a fine of up to 500,000 euros that the Junta has been threatening English stations if they haven’t got the correct licences.

“We are still at the Kempinski and anyone can come and visit and I will show them around the studios.”

Klein insisted he had merely investigated the issue after finding the station online merely ‘playing continuous music with no presenters’.

“I simply wanted to let my listeners know what was going on with the station,” Klein told The Olive Press.

“But I couldn’t get any answer from the number, so I called reception. The operator asked me to hold on and then informed me that that the radio station was ‘no longer’ at the hotel.

“It now appears that they are still there but on a month to month basis their contract having expired.

“Boland has now threatened me with legal action when his business partner returns from overseas” Klein added.

Talk Radio Europe refused to be drawn into the row officially, stating that David was merely a ‘freelance pet presenter’.

“We have no interest in what goes on with iTalk or its business arrangements, ” said a spokesman.

Boland had previously run long-established station TRE, before being sacked three years ago after an indiscretion with a 15-year-old girl.

While he denied the relationship with the winner of his competition the WOW Factor – Spain’s local equivalent of the X-Factor – he admitted he had got too close.


  1. I would like to add that I believe The Olive Press to be guilty of agitating the whole situation in this case. I am not sure what hidden agendas are at play here, if any, but any competent forum moderator would have put a stop to all this. After all, it’s not as though this is the first time it has happened. But no, they put it on the home page of their website instead…for the love of God!


  2. My god alan bond me thinks thee does protest to much . Myself I shall be restricting myself to a blog site with my future comments. So alan that should satisfy you . As regards boland he is off to dublin so he will not be around.
    Iwould like to add that I believe The olive Press to be guilty of nothing they have allowed the subject matter to be discussed without fear or favour and I believe.
    Quote maurice boland we at Italk fm operate freedom of speech” , as the subject matter is directly about maurice boland would it not alan be going against all that Maurice Boland supposedly believes in proper or not it is the general public saying what they wish to say .

  3. This is a thread with a forum that has been created by The Olive Press, in response to a story they have published online. The forum content contains unsubstantiated comments from individuals of the public, many of which are to the detriment of an individual, that is to say, Maurice Boland and his business activities.

    Journalism Tommie is the activity, or product, of journalists or others engaged in the preparation of written, visual, or audio material intended for dissemination through public media with reference to factual, ongoing events of public concern. I do not believe that this is the case here and there should be some form of retraction of this thread in order to facilitate matters.

    Free speech still has to be honest and accurate. This is why we have defamation/slander laws in Spain and the EU, in order to protect individuals and companies. Most jurisdictions allow legal action to deter various kinds of defamation and retaliate against groundless criticism, so it’s VERY important not to quote anything that may be misconstrued.

    Anyway, enough of this. Let’s see if you are a man of your word and stick to the above promise.

  4. Alan, your statement is a contradiction in terms. It is not possible to misconstrue facts as libel or deformation.

    If Boland had a case under the laws you quote he has equally been entitled to take action, yet never has. His only action is to block freedom of speech while at the same time believing he is the only one who is always right by merely being the one who shouts loudest.

    Instead of inviting Tomie to call him off-air, why not on-air?

    I am amused Alan that you would post then run.

  5. Brian. I think Alan made his points perfectly clear and I am sure he has better things to with his time than facilitate the perpetuation of this vitriolic thread in which, frankly, you and your sidekick Tomiebaby, come across as ridiculous.

    May you both have the last word.

    I’m out of here too.

  6. I decided to leave this thread, as there seems no further point in continuing. I have my opinion on the situation, along with many others on this thread. No matter what is stated on here, cyber bullies such as you and your cohorts above will continue with their endeavors – I have no more time to waste on you all.

    There is quite clearly something going on here below the surface and I will not fuel the fires by continuing on this path.

    We will see if your predictions come to fruition. However, I doubt it!

  7. It is very funny that supporters of Boland believe they are entitled to an opinion yet everyone else is a bully. Some come here to state that this conversation should not be going on, so why join in then!

    I have no association whatsoever with Tomie or anyone else who posts here or elsewhere for that matter. The only thing in common is we all believe that it is correct to air factual information that has an affect on the place we live and the people in our communities. We’re entitled to do that and it is called free-speech. I have verified certain facts for my own satisfaction. If Boland wishes to deny them, then let him come here and debate it. He won’t, because the facts are the facts.

  8. Oh Brian, The man Boland is on this forum for sure, just signing in under different names !!!!!!

    Alan Bond, Alan Bond you have made me laugh.
    I drive all over the coast everyday and listen to many radio stations on the coast all sound good and strong in my car. The only one with a poor signal strength was Bollands even outside the hotel he broadcast from.
    His business failed for the reasons Brian writes. He is now only internet because he could not afford to pay it anymore – no other reason.
    Internet broadcasting with 20 something listeners…..you are right it is the way forward. It must be why so many are following in Bollands footsteps and closing their FM to concentrate on internet – not.

  9. to alan bond he said”we will see if your predictions come to fruition”. The fat lady has sung (well a jolly welsh tenor actually). italk has shut down just back to back musak .Maurice has made a statement to that effect on his facebook page. bye bye italk . OH SOMETHING ABOUT OPENING UP IN ANOTHER FORM . WHAT that is he is not saying but radio is radio internet is internet . so what form it is I do not know . maybe two tin cans and a peace of string eh!!
    MAURICE BOLAND HAS LEFT THE BUILDING. The sound of the tune goodbyee can be heard faintly in the background

  10. Boland has shut down the station as we all predicted yet he still calls us cynics! He states he plans a pioneering innovative concept for radio in Spain. That’s many adjectives strung together but what exactly can he mean? A radio station that actually focuses on local content maybe! He lost his FM frequency so he can only be talking of internet radio, and what’s so new and ground-breaking about that exactly? You don’t just shut down a radio station and say you’ll be back soon, that’s total credibility lost to start with. Will we ever see the station back on air? As a professional radio station I doubt it. Nothing has come to pass that we haven’t all predicted from the outset.
    Tomie, I totally agree with you. We were waiting for the fat lady (or man) to sing, and here we have it. I’m sure the welsh tenor you refer to would only be too happy to oblige and sing ‘Time to Say Goodbye’!

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