THE jury unanimously convicted Joseph Breton of the death of his children, Ruth and Joseph, in the Provincial Court of Córdoba.

The Justice Department have asked for forty years of imprisonment, and they believe Breton killed his children to avenge his wife, Ruth Ortiz.

The jury reached a unanimous decision, at around 11:30 am on Friday. It came after four days of  deliberation.

Breton murdered both his children and burned them in a  funeral pyre of the Quemadillas, their skeletal remains were discovered by police.

The presiding  judge, Peter J. Vela, will now decide what  Joseph Breton sentence will be. Both the prosecution and private prosecution requested 40 years’ imprisonment, the maximum penalty for double murder in degree of kinship and premeditation aggravating plus another felony crime simulation.

Breton reported his children missing on October 8, 2011, he said they were last seen in Parque Cruz Conde de Córdoba, while playing. The town spent days searching for the two children.

It was over a year later that Judge Jose Luis Rodriguez accused Breton of the two murders. The trial began on June 17, 2013.

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