IT was the first ever Gibraltar darts trophy sponsored by the government with a top prize of 20,000 euros.

But the shine was taken off its victory by Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor, when it emerged he had actually cheated in the semi-final.

The 13-times world champion apparently won the match against Dean Winstanley with a double 12 that actually wasn’t.

Video cameras show that the dart had actually missed, scoring zero.

Now former star Eric Bristow has dubbed Taylor a cheat, saying: “The player knows if it’s not in and has to declare it. You don’t want cheats.”

Taylor claims he had not noticed and the international darts body insists it will not act because neither the referee, Winstanley or Taylor failed to raise any concern at the time.

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  1. Two referees were there and they both shouted ‘game shot’ loud. A mix up in the heat of the moment, and Bristow was out of order calling the greatest darts player in the world ever a cheat. He’s obviously just a jealous EX-darts player.

    Since this OLD incident (from some little tournament), Phil Taylor has won another major World title by the way. Another one.

    He’s one of the uk’s greatest sportsmen.

  2. It’s one of the hardest sports in the world. Demands ridiculous disciplined concentration obviously, to keep hitting high scores.

    It should be at the Olympics. Just think of all the medals we’d have.

    If you’re not a fan though fair enough mate.

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