A MAN has been arrested for filming nude women at a Benalmadena beach with a camera hidden in his sunglasses.

Last Friday at 5:40 pm, local police received a call from a concerned beachgoer that a man was recording sun-bathing women at the Benalnatura nude beach.

Reportedly, he was wearing strange-looking sunglasses, and never stopped manipulating them.

Upon later inspection of the glasses, it was revealed that they had false lenses and a mini-video camera in the centre of the frame.

The individual in question was Spanish and 48 years old.

He explained to police that he was on vacation and was staying in a nearby hostel.

Also in his possession was a bag that contained a video camera, a camera, a flash drive and dozens of memory cards with more footage of nude women.

Police arrested him on the beach, charging him with invading the privacy of others.

It comes after Malaga police arrested a Chinese man on Misericordia Beach for taking more than 2,000 pictures of women and minors at the end of July.

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  1. He’s definitely a weirdo and not to be encouraged. But how is it possible to invade someone’s privacy on a public beach?
    Having said that, he’d certainly get a clip round the earhole if he pointed his trick specs toward my family.

  2. So, is taking pictures of clothed strangers on a public beach an invasion of privacy? How about half-naked people? Exactly how few, or how many clothes, does it take to constitute privacy? I’m with PM, how can anything done on a public beach be private?

  3. It was a naturalist aka nude beach, so if anyone had a problem with nudity I don’t think they would go to that particular beach. Topless(as most beaches here are) doesn’t bother me but I admit the naturalist ones put me off my comfort zone. I hope these men (for a lack of a better word)get the book thrown at them. I bet they are the same pervs who use pen cameras to look up women’s skirts.

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